Sunny start to the week


Maricopa residents can expect to see clear, sunny skies while they recover from the weekend and get back into their work routine.

For residents planning to go to the 11th Annual Salsa Festival on Saturday, the weather is shaping up nicely. Participants should plan on a sunny day in the high 90s. It will be a warm start to the festival, but temperatures will be dropping throughout the event. There should not be any delays or interference due to weather.

The high for today was just 89 degrees. There is a slight breeze from the west, but it shouldn’t reach above 10 miles per hour. As the sun sinks, the wind is expected to drop to 5 miles per hour, and residents should see temperatures as low as 53 degrees.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperatures should remain the same throughout the week before spiking before the weekend.

Members of the community can expect to see temperatures in the high 80s to mid-90s until Thursday. By the weekend, the temperature should be raising into the mid to high 90s. Temps will remain on the brink of triple digits through Sunday.

***ADVERTISEMENT***According to the National Weather Service, Scattered clouds could move in on Wednesday, but no moisture is projected. The rest of the week should be sunny and clear.