The sun will be out this weekend to keep Maricopa temperatures in the 90s. Photo by Adam Wolfe

After a week of cool temperatures in the mid to low 80s, the weekend forecast calls for sunny skies and temperatures returning to the mid 90s.

According to the National Weather Service, Maricopa should see sunny skies each day throughout the weekend. The daily highs will increase but will not reach above 95 degrees.

Friday is expected to feature sunny skies with a high near 94 degrees. Moderate wind may be near 14 mph with gusts reaching as high as 20 mph. Some clouds are projected to move in overnight, but no moisture is expected. The overnight low should drop to 66 degrees.

Saturday is expected to be mostly sunny as well. The projected high for Saturday is once again 94 degrees, but the wind should calm to a mild 8 mph with occasional gusts up to 13 mph. The overnight low is expected to stay near 71 degrees.

Sunday is projected to be mostly sunny with a high slightly spiking to 95 degrees. Moderate winds are projected for Sunday, and some clouds could roll in toward the afternoon. No moisture is expected, and the overnight low is projected to be 70 degrees.

Residents who have Columbus Day off can expect a mostly sunny day with a high near 95 degrees for their activities. Some clouds may be present, but no moisture is expected. The overnight low is once again expected to be 70 degrees.

The rest of the work week is shaping up to be sunny and warm. Temperatures could reach back near triple digits throughout the week. More information will be available as the weekend comes to a close.


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