Supervisors pleased with Proposition 400 results


The Board of Supervisors expressed their gratitude to the voters who made it to the polls Tuesday, as the Pinal County Transportation Excise Tax was reauthorized for another 20 years.

In unofficial results, Proposition 400 won convincingly with 74% of the voters opting to keep the half-cent sales tax for transportation issues across the county.

Following the Wednesday board meeting in Florence, District 3 Supervisor David Snider said he was grateful that the voters responded positively to the message that Proposition 400 brought to the people.

“The message was that this half-cent sales tax is a way to help provide needed infrastructure to the residents of Pinal County,” a beaming Snider said. “This money is a part of the strategy in helping our cities and the County provide a solution to our transportation needs in the next twenty years.”

Supervisor Snider said there are a lot of people who deserve congratulations on their work to get the Proposition passed. “I want to thank the two co-chairs of the committee–Jimmie Kerr and Paul Prechel. They helped to provide the leadership that was needed to get the message out about the excise tax.

I also would like to tip my hat to all the citizens out there who made calls and talked with their neighbors and friends about the positive benefits that this money provides to everyone throughout Pinal County. My fellow Supervisors Lionel Ruiz and Sandie Smith are indeed also thankful for all of your help.”