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Amber Liermann Maricopa
Amber Liermann. Submitted photo

Amber Liermann is a longtime resident of Maricopa and works for the Maricopa United School District as an Exceptional Student Services Behavioral Counselor.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Maricopan since: 2004
Occupation: Exceptional Student Services Behavioral Counselor
Family: 4 children – ages 18, 16, 14 and 13
Pets: 6-year-old dog named Gabby
Cars: Ram Dodge 1500 and Harley Sportster
Hobbies: Volunteering, riding, hiking and yoga
Pet peeve: Hate
Dream vacation: England
Like most about Maricopa: Diversity & unity
Like least about Maricopa: My teenagers driving on 347

Favorite …

Charity: March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen

Actor: Elizabeth Shue

Song: “Rise Up”

Musician: Andra Day

Team: D-Backs

Food: Mexican

Drink: Water

Restaurant: Native or 347 Grill

Getaway: Prescott/Payson

Quote: I try hard not to offend. I try harder not to be offended.

Words to live by: “Treat others how you want to be treated”

Anything else we should know? My grandfather, father and 2 brothers are veterans.
My son is applying to the Air Force Academy and wants to enlist in the military.

Barry Fisher

Barry Fisher is a recent transplant from the East Coast and now works as a Realtor for My Home Group in Maricopa.

Hometown: Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Maricopan since: 2018
Occupation: Realtor
Family: Wife & 2 sons
Pets: 2 little dogs
Cars: F-150 4×4
Hobbies: Camping ,fishing & Ohio State Football.
Pet peeve: Nosy people
Dream vacation: Russia
Like most about Maricopa: The people and a very clean town
Like least about Maricopa: The cow poo poo smell. The gauging gas prices.


Mohammed Nazeem

Mohammed and Farzana Nazeem are Maricopa business owners. Both are from Fiji, and Mohammed is a licensed plumber.

Hometown: Ba, Fiji Islands
Maricopan since: September 2010
Occupation: Business owner and licensed residential and commercial plumber.
Family: My wife Farzana Nazeem is the co-owner of Kooline Plumbing, married for 11 years with two wonderful children.
Cars: Scion FRS-TRD
Hobbies: Playing soccer and watching TV.
Pet peeve: Someone using electronics with the volume too high.
Dream vacation: The Island of Jamaica.
Like most about Maricopa: I am from a small town and I love the small-town feel.
Like least about Maricopa: Lacking the entertainment and restaurant sector, once we have more of those, we will never leave town.

Favorite …
: I am the President of Yasin’s Charitable Trust, an organization that was created for the underprivileged people in Fiji, which is a third-world country.
Book: “The Shadowless Prophet”
Movie: Slum Dog Millionaire
Actor: Irfan Khan
Song: “Could You Be Loved”
Musician: Bob Marley
Team: AZ Cardinals
Athlete: Usain Bolt
Food: Indian Food
Drink: Tea
Meal: Rice/Roti and curry
Restaurant: Fleming’s Steakhouse
Getaway: Rocky Point, Mexico
Website: www.koolineplumbing.com
Quote: “Strong people don’t put others down….They lift them up”- Michael P. Watson
Words to live by: “See the bad inside yourself, and see the good inside others”- Imam Ali (A.S)
Anything else we should know? I was born and raised in Fiji Islands. I know a lot of people ask me, why Arizona. I met my wife, who is originally from Fiji as well and has been a resident of Maricopa, for the last 14 years. We got married and I moved here. At first it was very difficult, I didn’t know anyone, there was no soccer leagues in Maricopa back then. I have adjusted well over the years and made Maricopa home and I am excited for all the new business and development as it provides opportunities for all of us. Thank you for choosing Kooline Plumbing Maricopa.

Learn about more of your neighbors at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/

Keri Berardinelli is the owner of Lotus Evolutions Studio and moved to Maricopa from Ohio this year. (Meet more of your Maricopa neighbors in our Getting to Know section.)

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Resides in: Homestead
Maricopan since: July 2019
Occupation: Holistic nutrition specialist, colon hydrotherapist
Family: I have 3 amazing sons, ages 23, 21 and 15. I also have a beautiful granddaughter, age 19 months.
Hobbies: I love to spend quality time with family and friends; practice Yoga, read, cook, dine, hike and travel.
Dream vacation: I would love to do a Yoga Retreat on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii or Costa Rica
Likes most about Maricopa: I love the quiet, small-town feel of the neighborhoods. I also love being able to get a clear view of the stars at night.
Likes least about Maricopa: I don’t like the lack of healthy alternatives like a farmer’s market or natural foods store such as Natural Grocers or Sprouts.

Favorite …
Book: “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
Food: The Avocado
Drink: Red Wine
Meal: I love Vegan, Vegetarian, Ayurvedic or Mediterranean-inspired meals.
Restaurant: Flower Child
Getaway: A weekend in Sedona
Website: www.lotusevolutions.com
Quote: “Let Medicine Be Thy Food And Food Be Thy Medicine.”
Words to live by: Don’t take anything personal.
Anything else we should know? I moved from Cleveland to be with my oldest son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Gratefully, my youngest son came with me to experience life in Arizona. With my professional background, it is my intention to offer holistic therapy services for the town of Maricopa starting now with nutrition and lifestyle coaching and in the near future with Yoga therapy, as well as colon hydrotherapy.

Tangeca Wells and kids

Tangeca Wells is a certified family nurse practitioner who moved to Maricopa a year ago from Flagstaff. (Meet more of your Maricopa neighbors in our Getting to Know section.)

Hometown: Elizabeth, Kentucky
Maricopan since: 2018
Occupation: Family nurse practitioner
Family: Nine children/10 grandchildren
Pets: Two dogs
Cars: Buick Encore/Chrysler 300s
Hobbies: Baking, reading, exercising, interior design, fashion, doing hair
Pet peeve: Dishonesty, not keeping your word
Dream vacation: Paris, France/Italy/Africa
Like most about Maricopa: Community, cleanliness, family friendly
Like least about Maricopa: Smell

Favorite …
Charity: Heart foundation/Cancer Society/autism
Book: “SOAR” by Bishop T.D Jakes
Movies: Gladiator, Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Actors: Jason Statham, Russell Crowe, Tyler Perry
Song: “The God in Me!” by Mary Mary
Musicians: Mary Mary, William McDowell
Teams: Boston Red Sox, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Diamondbacks
Athlete: Ketal Marte
Food: Seafood/Salad/French Fries
Drink: Cherry Coke Zero/Water
Meal: Eggplant
Restaurant: Olive Garden
Getaway: Daytona Beach, Florida
Website: SunshineFHC.com
Quote: Serenity prayer
Words to live by: Treat others like you want to be treated

Doug Brown and family. Submitted photo

Realtor Doug Brown and his family have lived in Maricopa four years after transplanting from Colorado.


Hometown: Evergreen, Colorado

Maricopan since: 2015

Occupation: Realtor

Family: Jennifer (wife), Savannah (daughter), Brody (son)

Pets: Rescue dog Marry

Cars: Toyota Corolla, Dodge Grand Caravan

Hobbies: Movies, golf, playing sports with my kids

Pet peeve: Complaining/whining

Dream vacation: Any cruise

Like most about Maricopa: The people! We’re always looking out for one another.

Like least about Maricopa: 347


Favorite …

Charity: My church

Book: “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway

Movie: Braveheart

Actor: Daniel Day Lewis

Song: Rhinestone Cowboy

Musician: Clint Black

Team: Colorado Rockies

Athlete: John Elway

Food: Steak

Drink: Sparkling water

Meal: Steak and Salad

Restaurant: Oak and Fork here in Maricopa

Getaway: Sedona or Pinetop

Website: homesmartsuccess.com

Quote: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Words to live by: “80% of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

Joke: Americans can’t switch from pounds to kilograms overnight. That would cause mass confusion.

Anything else we should know? My wife and I get up every morning with the goal of helping make Maricopa the kind of city that our kids (and yours) have all the opportunities to stay and make great lives for themselves.

Justin Greer and family

New Mexican Justin Greer moved back to Maricopa after a four-year absence to work in real estate.


Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Maricopan since: 2018 (Lived here from 2011 to 2014)

Occupation: Real estate agent

Family: Wife Rebecca, married 13 years. Carrie 10, Brigette 7, Timothy 4, Holland 20 months

Pets: Mini Schnauzer named Stevie

Hobbies: College basketball referee

Pet peeve: People cutting in lines

Dream vacation: Iceland

Like most about Maricopa: Small town feel with great opportunity for growth

Like least about Maricopa: 347!


Favorite …

Charity: Congenital Disphragmatic Hernia Awareness http://cdhi.org/cdh-awareness

Book: “For Love of the Game” Michael Shaara

Movie: The Guardian

Actor: Kevin Costner

Song: “Must Be Doin Something Right” Billy Currington

Musician: George Strait

Team: Oakland Raiders

Athlete: Dustin Pedroia

Food: New Mexican

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Restaurant: Say Sushi

Getaway: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Website: www.justin-greer.kw.com

Quote: “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” – Frank Outlaw

Words to live by: Love one another

Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell is a brand-new resident, coming from Colorado to manage a local bank.


Hometown: Dixon, Illinois

Resides in: Rancho El Dorado

Maricopan since: June 26, 2019

Occupation: Bank Manager

Family: 2 grown sons and a new granddaughter

Pets: Cutest dog in the world

Hobbies: Walking with my dog, spontaneous drives

Dream vacation: Iceland

Like most about Maricopa: Leadership is forward-thinking

Like least about Maricopa: Hearing about the Rancho El Dorado pond sicknesses killing off fish and ducks


Favorite …

Charity: ASPCA – the abused dog commercials make me cry

Getaway: Durango, Colorado

Anything else we should know? I transferred with Great Western Bank from Colorado to Arizona in April and feel I made a great choice in choosing Maricopa. I’m from northern Illinois farm country and wanted to be surrounded by cows and open land. I enjoy seeing people I know in the grocery store and having a chat. Small town feel with easy access to most needed amenities. Love my new house!

Brent Johns

A web and media expert (and father of twins), Brent Johns moved to Maricopa this year.


Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Maricopan since: April 2019

Occupation: CEO @ Five12 Media & PlanetXploration

Family: Tammy (wife) and (children) Jack, Jennah, Jared, Jessica, Bailey, Caitlin, Kalea and Liz

Pets: Bandit (Shih-Tzu)

Hobbies: Drones, Nascar, Fly Fishing, Hiking, Travel

Like most about Maricopa: Small-town feel, yet just a hop-skip-and-jump to a big city

Like least about Maricopa: Lack of proper access roads to I-10 (i.e., traffic on 347)


Favorite …

Book: “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. Persig

Website: www.five12media.com

Anything else we should know? As CEO of Five12 Media, executive producer, videographer, licensed drone pilot, web developer and author, we spent the last 2 1/2 years traveling to do research for an upcoming project for PlanetXploration before relocating to Maricopa to produce a couple of local Arizona-based shows.


Robert Felix and family

Robert Felix is a business owner and appliance repairman who shares some wise advice from Walt Disney.


Hometown: Maricopa

Maricopan since: 2012

Occupation: Owner Felix Appliance Repair

Family: Wife Maria, children RJ, 6 years old, Arianny and Angel (twins) 2 years old

Cars: Chevy Tahoe, Kia Soul

Hobbies: Spending time with family

Pet peeve: Stubbing my toe

Dream vacation: Rome

Like most about Maricopa: Feeling of real community and “small but growing town”

Like least about Maricopa: 347 traffic


Favorite …

Charity: Maricopa Pantry

Book: “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins

Movie: The Incredibles

Actor: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Song: Lonestar – Amazed

Musician: Carlos Santana

Team: Diamondbacks

Athlete: Bo Jackson

Food: Stuffed Sopapillas

Drink: Modelo Especial

Restaurant: Houstons

Getaway: Rocky Point – Puerto Penasco

Website: www.felixappliancerepair.net

Quote: “Do what you do so well, that when people see you do it, they want to see you do it again, and will bring others to see you do it” – Walt Disney

Words to live by: Honesty builds trust

The Guilford family (from left) Shelly, Isabella, Luke and Nathan.

Nathan Guilford operates Liquidate Az, holding online and live auctions of an array of items large and small.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Resides in: The Villages
Maricopan since: 2017
Occupation: Auctioneer – Liquidate Az
Family: Wife Shelly, children Isabella, 13, and Luke, 10
Pets: 2 dogs, Roxy & Dextor, and 1 fish
Cars: GMC Sierra
Hobbies: Video Games, Board Games, Poker
Pet peeve: Common Sense
Like most about Maricopa: Small-town feel with location close to major city
Like least about Maricopa: 347 – I am sure everyone states this…

Favorite …
Team: Arizona Cardinals
Food: Pizza – Papa Murphy’s
Drink: Water- or Ice Tea
Meal: Steak, shrimp, pasta – almost anything
Restaurant: Gyro Grill in Maricopa
Website: www.LiquidateAZ.com
Quote: Do what is right regardless of what others are doing
Words to live by: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Monica Staggs

Monica Staggs leads training courses in CPR and really loves animals and ‘80s music.


Hometown: Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Resides in: Rancho El Dorado

Maricopan since: Moved her in November 2010 in Senita, moved to chandler in 2014, moved back to Maricopa June 2018.

Occupation: CPR, First aid and safety trainer

Family: Husband Henry, daughter Emily

Pets: Chihuahua named Jake

Cars: Buick Lacrosse, and Dodge Silverado.

Hobbies: Horses, watching documentaries

Pet peeve: People that cannot keep their word, People that promise they will do something then change their mind.

Dream vacation: Trip to Australia to feed baby koalas (my favorite animal)

Like most about Maricopa: Small-town feeling

Like least about Maricopa: It is not the 347, but the smell of the cows. Some mornings it is very strong.


Favorite …

Charity: ASPCA and SARRC

Movie: Grease (I have childhood memories of singing and dancing over and over to this musical with one of my close friends.)

Actor: John Candy, so sad that he is no more, I love his comedies.

Song: UDO Jurgens (memories my dad and I used to listen to German oldies) and I listen to anything ‘80s from pop, rock to metal.

Musician: ‘8os Madonna, Johnny Cash

Team: I was a Cubs fan before they were cool

Food: South Indian

Drink: Coffee

Meal: Gobi Manchurian

Restaurant: Ruchi or Udupdi

Website: www.arizonacprcertification.com

Quote: Children do you love each other, are you always kind and true, do you do to others as others do to you.

Words to live by: Be Kind

Joke: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don’t know and I don’t care.

Anything else we should know? I am passionate about teaching. I have my degree in elementary education and I am certified in the state of Arizona. I am an ASHI trainer and I also teach Safety Council First Aid classes. I have also worked in the health care field. I used real-life scenarios because I have done CPR before, many times, and like to share my experiences with the class so that everyone knows that they too can save a life. If it were up to me, I believe that everyone should learn CPR.


The Petersheims: Suzanne, Brian Jr., Haley and Brian Sr.

Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
Reside in: Maricopa Meadows
Maricopan since: 2006
Occupation: Realtor
Family: Suzanne (wife) Haley (Daughter) and Brian jr (son)
Pets: 4 rescue doggies- Cooper, Charli, Sadie and Bella
Cars: Chevy Traverse and VW Tiguan
Hobbies: Team Trivia, Movies, Hot sauce and jerky making
Pet peeve: What’s a blinker?
Dream vacation: Carribean
Like most about Maricopa: This community comes together for people in need
Like least about Maricopa: 347. Nuff said!

Favorite …
Charity: ASPCA
Book: Any trivia book will do!
Movie: The Godfather
Actor: James Gandolfini
Song: Your Love- The Outfield
Musician: America
Team: FSU Seminoles
Athlete: Javier Baez- Chicago Cubs
Food: Pizza
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Meal: Crawfish boil- extra spicy
Restaurant: Angry Crab or Melting Pot
Getaway: Any beach will do!
Website: www.MaricopaNewHomes.Net
Quote: Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it. … Unknown
Words to live by: Doing the “right thing” is not always the easiest, but it is the only option
Joke: What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef
Anything else we should know? I have lived in Maricopa since 2006, helping people with their real estate needs the entire time. When I am not selling homes or hanging out with the family, I am concocting either an Extremely fiery hot sauce or Crazy spicy jerky. Every family meal that I cook, I have to make 2 separate batches of whatever it is I am cooking, unfortunately not everyone in my family is addicted to spice the way that I am.
I enjoy what I do whether at work, at Ultrastar watching a movie or making a new hot sauce, and I love this town that we are in. The residents of Maricopa are extremely giving and will always help another Copian. I intend to stay as long as they will have me.

Ehreema J. Nadir, MD

Dr. Ehreema J. Nadir, already established in Gilbert, opened a medical office in Maricopa in 2016.

Hometown: Pakistan
Resides in: Gilbert
Maricopan since: 2016
Occupation: Primary Care Physician
Family: Spouse and 4 kids
Pets: none
Cars: Porshe Cayenne
Hobbies: Travel
Pet peeve: No Show appointments
Dream vacation: Alaskan Cruise
Like most about Maricopa: Small town feel, friendly neighbors
Like least about Maricopa: SR 347 of course!

Favorite …
Getaway: Anywhere away from the hospital
Website: www.americanmedicalassociatesaz.com
Quote: work, work and more work!
Joke: Did you hear the one about the germ? Nevermind, I dont want to spread it around!

Meet more of your neighbors at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/

Yolanda Rodriguez

Yolanda Rodriguez is a naturopath who loves her animals and practices holistic medicine in Maricopa.

Hometown: Queen Creek
Maricopan since: 2013
Occupation: Naturopathic Physician
Pets: 2 Horses – Showdown and SweetPea, 3 Dogs – SodaPup, Taco, Belle, 1 Cat – Diego, 3 hummingbirds
Cars: A 4 wheel truck, a sports car and a PRIUS!
Hobbies: Making herbal and aromatherapeutic medicine, salves, capsules, and teas.
Dream vacation: Visiting all the five major battle sites my father fought in in WWII including Normandy beach
Like most about Maricopa: The surrounding areas to ride my horses

Favorite …
Book: “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman
Getaway: El Younque Rainforest in Puerto Rico
Website: www.mynaturaldoc.com
Quote: “We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing the imperfect person perfectly” – Sam Keen in the book “To Be Loved”
Joke: How do you catch a unique rabbit? You “neek” up on him!
Anything else we should know? I provide a concierge medical experience at an affordable price. Bringing high quality, effective, efficient healthcare options to Maricopa. Introducing and supporting the use of Integrative/Holistic medicine such as acupuncture, IV therapies, B12 injections, herbal medicine, homeopathic and pharmacology in safe and effective combinations. Growing up in a small town, educated by the best in the nation, and using my experience as a Marine, I work with people and communities to be their healthiest – mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Meet more of your neighbors at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/

Chris Troupe

Chris Troupe owns All Pro Window Film and has lived in Maricopa for almost five years.

Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts
Resides in: Alterra
Maricopan since: 2013
Occupation: Solar Film Installer
Family: Married with 2 sons (6 and 21) and 2 daughters (11 and 25) and one adorable lil grandson
Pets: Gage, rescue furbaby, he’s lab and Great Dane mix basically an oversized toddler
Cars: Dodge Journey, 86 Monte Carlo
Hobbies: Bowling, singing karaoke, and spending quality time with my children and grandson
Pet peeve: The 347
Dream vacation: Sight-seeing in Italy
Like most about Maricopa: Close community with amazing support for each other
Like least about Maricopa: Traffic to get out of Maricopa

Favorite …

Charity: Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Book: Anything about history
Movie: Red Dawn
Actor: Denzel Washington
Song: For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Metallica
Musician: Metallica
Team: Patriots
Athlete: Tom Brady
Food: Mexican
Drink: Coca-Cola
Meal: Fajitas
Restaurant: Valle Luna
Getaway: The beach
Quote: Say what you mean, mean what you say
Words to live by: Treat people the way you want to be treated
Anything else we should know? We are a family-based business with the best intentions for our community at heart. We are committed to quality service with affordable prices.

Meet other Maricopa neighbors and introduce yourself at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/

Neal Tesini

Neal Tesini is a master technician with a skill for appliance repair and a sense of humor that traveled with him from the East Coast 12 years ago.

Hometown: East Long Meadow, Massachusetts
Maricopan since: 2016
Occupation: Master technician
Family: Married with Children
Pets: Black Labrador – who happens to be an Arizona native
Cars: RAM 1500
Dream vacation: Alaska – I would like to one day see the Northern Lights
Like most about Maricopa: The pungent fresh smell of cow pasture in the morning!
Like least about Maricopa: The long drive we have to take to eat something other than fast food.

Favorite …
Charity: Make A Wish Foundation
Book: Any book with pictures in it….HA!
Actor: Robert De Nero
Song: Point Of No Return
Musician: Kansas
Team: New England Patriots
Athlete: Tom Brady
Food: Italian
Restaurant: The Range
Website: https://www.mrappliance.com/maricopa/
Quote: “You are serving a customer, not a life sentence. Learn to enjoy your work.”
Words to live by: Being GENUINE is the foundation of INTEGRITY. Often inconvenient and not always painless – but the only way to go if you’re here to really, truly and fully LIVE.
Joke: I’ve decided to sell my vacuum cleaner. It just sits around collecting dust… Not funny? I know, vacuum cleaner jokes suck!
Anything else we should know? They say if you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life. Moving here to Maricopa from the East Coast, after 27 years in the field, that statement still holds true. I look forward to build lasting customer relationships here locally.

Meet more Maricopa neighbors and introduce yourself at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/

The Leonard Family

Jase Leonard is a Realtor often known as the husband of the “Crazy Cranberry lady.”

Hometown: Payson
Maricopan since: 2005
Occupation: Realtor
Family: Wife Stacy and two sons, Caden and Jaxon
Pets: Goldendoodle, Reesey
Cars: We just joined the Ford family a few months ago
Hobbies: Disc golf, movies, travel, spending time with my family
Pet peeve: People who drive slow in the fast lane
Dream vacation: Alaskan Cruise
Like most about Maricopa: The growth of the community
Like least about Maricopa: Accidents on 347

Favorite …
Charity: Compass Christian Church and local opportunities that strike home for us as a family
Book: “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone
Movie: Big
Actor: Sean Connery
Song: The Dance by Garth Brooks
Musician: Jason Aldean
Team: Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Diamondbacks
Athlete: Randy Johnson
Food: Lasagna
Drink: ICE COLD Water
Meal: Anything my wife cooks
Restaurant: The Range
Getaway: Rocky Point
Website: http://housingaroundaz.com/
Quote: If you believe you can, if you believe you can’t, whatever you believe will happen
Words to live by: Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.
Joke: Why did the invisible man turn down the job offer? Because he couldn’t see himself doing it.
Anything else we should know? I’ve lived in quite a few states growing up as my father was a pastor… six states to be exact, with another country added to the mix when I was a corpsman in the U.S. Navy. Two more states moving for work until I was brought home to Arizona in 2005 when we first moved to Maricopa.  My family and I have lived in three different communities in Maricopa since 2005 and have relocated family members from Arkansas, Georgia and Payson and can’t wait for more of our family to join us in helping our community grow. I’ve also helped support my wife’s home business that we run right here out of Maricopa. I’m known as the husband to the “Crazy Cranberry Salsa lady.” If you don’t see me around town making deliveries for her, watch for me around town at Copper Sky where both of my sons play soccer.

Meet more Maricopa neighbors and introduce yourself at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/

Selena Reyna

Selena Reyna is a local filmmaker who knows a thing or two about slasher films.

Hometown: Safford, Arizona
Maricopan since: 2012
Occupation: Filmmaker
Pets: Andi
Hobbies: Screen writing, filming short films, writing short stories
Like most about Maricopa: The locally owned businesses!

Favorite …
Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Actor: Keanu Reeves
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Cutmanfilm/
Quote: “Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” – Robert Altman
Anything else we should know? I’m currently working on a film under the name “Cutman,” written and directed by Pete Navarro. “Cutman” is a female-driven slasher film about a group of old friends that set out on a getaway that ultimately turns up as a disaster as they unleash an evil entity from their past! We’re currently in pre production but we will be filming in the outskirts of Benson, AZ this May! We are so excited and we hope to share this film with our local peers as well as their families!

Meet more Maricopa neighbors and introduce yourself at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/

Roger Enrico

Roger Enrico is a musician who recently moved to Maricopa.

Hometown: Phoenix
Maricopan since: 2018
Occupation: Professional entertainer
Family: Single
Pets: None
Cars: 2009 Buick
Hobbies: Poetry
Pet peeve: Insincere people
Dream vacation: Any beach
Like most about Maricopa: It’s quiet
Like least about Maricopa: I like it all

Favorite …
Charity: Musician’s retirement fund
Book: “The Outsider” by SE Hinton
Movie: Black Panther
Actor: Jack Nicholson
Song: Time
Musician: Pink Floyd
Team: Diamondbacks
Athlete: The Rock
Food: Italian
Drink: Scotch
Meal: Calamari
Restaurant: Pane e Vino
Getaway: San Diego
Website: www.miketorresmusic.com/calendar
Quote: Get busy Living or Get Busy Dying
Words to live by: Love
Joke: How many drummers does it take ?
Anything else we should know? Just smile. It’s gonna be OK.

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Bill Griffin

William “Bill” Griffin retired from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and is now a candidate for constable of the Maricopa/Stanfield Justice Court.

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California
Maricopan since: 2007
Occupation: Law Enforcement, retired
Family: Wife, Crystal, 4 children, 9 grandchildren
Pets: 3 dogs, 1 cat
Cars: Family mini-van & a “get around town” car
Hobbies: Woodworking & photography
Pet Peeve: “professional race car drivers” on 347
Dream Vacation: camping or traveling with family
Like most about Maricopa: Friendly people, “mom & pop” businesses
Like least about Maricopa: “Professional race car drivers” on 347

Charity: Boy Scouts of America & Food Bank
Book: Bible
Music: oldies
Actor: a small handful, each for different reasons. I like the ones who let you belief what they are doing.
Song: Come, Thou Fount
Musician: a small handful, each for their own style
Team: the underdog
Athlete: a small handful, each for his and her own accomplishments
Food: home cooking
Drink: nice cold water
Meal: chicken enchiladas
Restaurant: small “mom & pop” places I find when I travel & here in Maricopa
Favorite getaway: Just about every day trip has been a favorite
Quotes: “If Life Gets Too Hard To Stand, Kneel.” Gordon B. Hinckley
Words to live by: same as the quote
Jokes: Though I feel I have a great sense of humor, I don’t have a favorite joke or one I share. Sorry
Other things you should know: When I first moved to Maricopa I took the Master Gardner course at MAC. That led to an organic garden on MAC grounds which lead to donating food to Wendy Webb at F.O.R. That lead to a community garden which is still in operation and still provides fresh vegetables to F.O.R. each year. I also have merit badge courses with the Boy Scouts of America here in Maricopa.

Meet more of your neighbors at https://www.inmaricopa.com/getting-to-know/ 

Andre and Kaylie LaFond

Andre LaFond grew up in the Chicago suburbs and now works in investigations. He is currently running for constable of the Maricopa/Stanfield Justice Court.

Hometown: Aurora, Illinois
Resides in: Rancho El Dorado
Maricopan since: 2014
Occupation: District security manager
Family: My beautiful wife Kaylie
Pets: My husky mix Bruin, basset hound Wrangler, and my rescue cat Blizzard
Cars: Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Renegade
Hobbies: Working on my car, fixing anything around the home, camping, target shooting
Pet peeve: When the internet goes out and my smart home devices are suddenly not so smart!
Dream vacation: World War 2 European front tour
Like most about Maricopa: The amazing “small town” community
Like least about Maricopa: 347

Favorite …
Charity: St Jude’s Children’s hospital
Book: “Atlantis Found” by Clive Cussler
Movie: Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country
Actor: Tom Hanks
Song: “I Hung My Head” by Johnny Cash
Musician: Johnny Cash
Team: Cubs
Athlete: Muhammed Ali
Food: Bone-in ribeye
Drink: Michallan 18
Meal: Bone-in ribeye, garlic mashed potatoes, corn on the cob
Restaurant: Bobby Q’s
Getaway: Sedona
Website: amazon.com
Quote: “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet” – Abraham Lincoln
Words to live by: Charity, compassion, and tolerance towards each other is the backbone of a strong community.
Joke: Two guys walk into a bar, one ducks!
Anything else we should know? I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I spent my youth in the Boy Scouts and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. My grandfather and father were both Eagle Scouts and I am proud to carry on that tradition. After high school I joined the Army out of a sense of duty to my community and country. I have spent the last 13 years in private law enforcement and moved out here as part of a promotion. I am currently a district level security manager leading a team of investigators. I have fallen in love with Maricopa and hope to be able to serve my community as constable.

Kent Richards

Kent Richards is a real estate agent with Cactus Mountain Properties, has lived in Maricopa for more than a decade and beats a mean drum.

Hometown: Denver
Resides in: Acacia Crossings
Maricopan since: 2007
Occupation: Realtor
Family: Wife, son, daughter, 5 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren
Cars: 2016 Hundai Tuscon
Hobbies: Drummer
Pet peeve: Thieves
Dream vacation: Europe
Like most about Maricopa: Small town feel
Like least about Maricopa: Lack of restaurants

Favorite …
Charity: Cancer
Book: “Tarzan”
Musician: Gene Krupa
Team: Cardinals
Food: Tacos
Drink: Chocolate Shake
Meal: Chicken
Restaurant: Plaza Bonita
Words to live by: Keep on keeping on
Anything else we should know? Played in Navy Drum & Bugle Corps. Played drums professionally, sat in with band “One Republic” last year. In a band called “Just for Fun.” We play around town on occasion.

Megan Purvis

Megan Purvis works at the Maricopa campus of Central Arizona College and has lived in Maricopa for 10 years.

Hometown: Wakefield, Rhode Island
Maricopan since: 2008
Occupation: Director of Student Affairs at Central Arizona College, Maricopa Campus
Family: Husband and 1 daughter
Pets: 1 dog
Hobbies: Hiking, watching movies, reading, volleyball and vacationing with family
Dream vacation: Bora Bora
Like most about Maricopa: Small town feel but still close to a big city
Like least about Maricopa: Not enough clothing stores

Favorite …
Charity: Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
Book: “Anne of Green Gables”
Movie: The Great Outdoors
Team: Arizona Coyotes
Food: Pizza, salads, and anything with chocolate
Drink: Awful Awful – It’s a Rhode Island thing!
Restaurant: Chilis
Getaway: Sedona
Website: www.centralaz.edu
Quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams” – Thoreau
Anything else we should know? As a local community member and parent, my passion is to help provide resources and bridge information gaps for all Maricopians about local higher education opportunities. I think that it is so great for the city of Maricopa to have a local Central Arizona College campus. A student can complete a full associate degree, a certificate, or just a few classes locally. A community member can take a self-interest class like cake decorating. We have a campus library that is open and available to all Maricopa community members. There are so many great things that I could say about Central Arizona College and how proud I am to work for this school. Please come see the campus sometime soon and if you would like a campus tour, just say the word. Central Arizona College Maricopa is located at 17945 N. Regent Dr. The campus is open Monday through Thursday, from 8am to 6pm. If you would like more information about the local Maricopa campus, please call 520-494-6400.


Submitted photo

Bret Roberts is a State Representative serving legislative District 11 which encompasses Maricopa. Bret formerly served as the constable for the Maricopa/Stanfield Justice Court where he served as the first elected Presiding Constable in Pinal County!

Hometown: Bowling Green, Ohio
Maricopan since: 2009
Occupation: State Representative
Family: Wife (Oly) and 4 kids
Pets: 3 dogs
Pet peeve: Wasteful spending in government
Like most about Maricopa: Small town feel

Favorite …

Charity: Streets don’t love you back, Relay for life
Book: “Lord of the Rings”
Movie: Star Wars Saga
Song: Don’t Worry Be Happy!
Restaurant: 347 Grill at UltraStar usually, but my kitchen until we can go out again!


Hank and Marjorie Weaver

Hank Weaver (aka Motivator) is a veteran of the U.S. Marines and a small-business owner with his wife Marjorie Weaver.

Hometowns: Marjorie, Carson, California, and Hank, Fort Plain, New York

Reside in: Villages at Rancho El Dorado

Maricopan since: 2009

Occupation: Owner of Semper Fi Pest Management

Family: My lovely wife Marjorie Weaver and five boys

Pets: 4 little doggies

Cars: Honda

Hobbies: Spending time with family

Dream vacation: Paris, France

Like most about Maricopa: Generous and caring community

Like least about Maricopa: There’s no sit-down, family, nice restaurant


Favorite …

Charity: Food Bank

Movie: Action Movies

Actor: Chuck Norris

Song: God Bless America

Musician: Keith Urban

Team: AZ Cardinals

Athlete: John Brown, AZ Cardinals

Food: Asian food

Drink: H2O on the rocks

Meal: Dinner

Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse

Website: Facebook/semperfipest

Quote: Stay Motivated

Words to live by: Honor, Courtesy, Respect and Commitment

Joke: I’m so hungry, I ate my toe nails

Submitted photo

Ty Wolf and Melanie Franklin own Mr. and Mrs. Handy, doing odd jobs for Maricopans.


Hometown: Ty from BayShore Long Island, New York; Melanie from Phoenix

Maricopans since: 2005

Occupation: Handyman/woman

Family: 8 kids

Pets: Dog, cat, guinea pig

Hobbies: Camping, traveling

Pet peeve:  Getting old

Dream vacation: A cruise to visit all the islands of Hawaii

Like most about Maricopa: The friendly people and family atmosphere. The beautiful sunsets.

Like least about Maricopa: Rush hour traffic


Favorite …

Charity: Human Society

Restaurant:  Mom’s kitchen

Getaway: Anywhere in nature

Quote: Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.

Words to live by:  Love today like it’s your last


Ben Meidl

Ben Meidl is the golf pro at Ak-Chin Southern Dunes.

Hometown: Sleepy Eye, Minnesota
Resides in: Chandler
Work in Maricopa since: 2014
Occupation: Golf professional
Family: Dad, Mom, sister all in Minnesota
Hobbies: Old video games, Netflix
Like most about Maricopa: Great people I’ve met at the golf course
Like least about Maricopa: 35-minute drive to get here

Favorite …
Book: Zen Golf by Dr. Joseph Parent
Movie: Gotta be Caddyshack, doesn’t it?
Actor: Jim Carrey
Song: White and Nerdy, Weird Al
Musician: Weird Al
Team: Wild, Twins
Athlete: Tiger, but quickly becoming Byron Buxton
Food: Burgers
Drink: Pepsi
Meal: Pizza
Restaurant: Most of them
Website: Twitter.com/BenMeidl
Quote: “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated” – Arnold Palmer
Anything else we should know? I enjoy teaching golf to beginner and intermediate adults, and trying to make the game fun and attractive for kids. If you want to learn a sport that you can enjoy for a number of reasons (outdoors, challenging, social, competition) and play for a lifetime, let me know!

Enrique Esteves and family

Enrique Esteves is the owner of The UPS Store in Maricopa and loves soccer.

Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Resides in: Scottsdale
In business in Maricopa since: 2013
Occupation: Owner for The UPS Store
Family: Wife Marly, daughter Marly Jr. (11) and son Enrique Jr. (9)
Pets: Mawi and Ronnie. They were both adopted.
Cars: BMW X5M
Hobbies: Soccer. I don’t play it anymore, but my son Enrique does and I enjoy watching him play and practice.
Pet peeve: Rude drivers
Dream vacation: Dubai
Like most about Maricopa: The people.
Like least about Maricopa: The heat!

Favorite …
Book: “Pet Sematary” 🙂
Movie: Contact (with Jodie Foster)
Actor: George Clooney
Song: Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams)
Musician: Phil Collins
Team: Real Madrid
Athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo
Food: Mexican!
Drink: Ay easy-drink IPA
Meal: Enchiladas
Restaurant: Sumo Maya
Getaway: Paris
Website: https://maricopa-az-5140.theupsstorelocal.com
Quote: “Be the hardest working person in the room”
Words to live by: You are what you eat
Anything else we should know? Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Michael Chance

Michael Chance has lived in Maricopa all his life and has been in the glass-repair business for 28 years.

Hometown: Maricopa
Maricopan since: 1963
Occupation: Auto glass repair and replacement
Family: My daughter, my mom and my three sisters.
Pets: None
Hobbies: Watching sports, politics, being on the farm
Dream vacation: I’m a history buff, so spending enough time to go through all the history back east where all the history of our country began.
Like most about Maricopa: The community has a lot more unity than most communities do of its size.
Like least about Maricopa: There is not enough retail on the east side of town.

Favorite …
Movie: Gladiator
Actor: Tom Hanks
Musician: The Beatles
Team: The Arizona State Sun Devils
Athlete: Kurt Warner
Food: Mexican Food
Meal: Thanksgiving dinner
Restaurant: Headquarters
Getaway: Mogollon Rim
Website: www.impactwindshield.com
Anything else we should know? I began Impact Windshield in Maricopa in 1996. I’m in my 28th year in the glass business. My first six years were spent in a large glass shop in Phoenix. My tagline is “Focused on Quality” and I apply that in every job that I do.