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Maricopa Chamber of Commerce CEO Marla Lewis

Maricopa Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Marla Lewis stopped by our InMaricopa studio to discuss the chamber’s recent move to the Maricopa Business Center, upcoming board member election and upcoming awards ceremony.

The chamber board is the governing body that sets the strategic direction for the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce. They also handle the money and set the events for the chamber to participate with in the community. A change in the regime will have a direct affect on the city of Maricopa.

“For us, it’s very important to have a good board,” Lewis said. “It’s also important for us to have a board comprised of small business owners as well as large business owners. I really think we have a good mix of that, but it’s important to keep that stability between there.”

The chamber will close out the board member election on Dec. 15. There are seven candidates running for three vacant positions on the board. The newly elected members of the board will serve until 2019.