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Christian Price (submitted photo)

The 2019 Legislative session begins on Jan. 14, and our newly elected legislators will join their incumbent colleagues to begin the hard and critically important work of representing their constituents in the Arizona House and Senate. And the League of Arizona Cities and Towns is ready to help.

The League exists to promote local self-government and municipal independence and this mission has never been more important in the State of Arizona than it is today.

Our primary focus is to represent the interests of cities and towns before the Arizona Legislature, and to strengthen the quality of life and common good of all citizens of Arizona municipalities. We do this through advocacy of legislative and administrative policy that help to make our municipalities more efficient and responsive to our citizens’ needs, and also through review of any policy proposals that could be counter to these goals. When appropriate we seek effective compromise.

Whether elected at the local or state level, we all are bound by our common desire and duty to do what is right for all Arizonans, and it is this shared value that should bring us together to work for the benefit of every citizen that we collectively represent.

As president of the Arizona League, I join with our 25-member Executive Committee and all member cities and towns across our state, to work with our colleagues at the state legislature to find common ground in good policy-making and to ensure that the best interests of our cities and towns are represented.  Together, we can continue to build an even better Arizona – a state that we all love and revere.

Christian Price is the president of League of Arizona Cities and Towns and the mayor of Maricopa.

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Maricopa State of the City Address | October 4, 2017 | Photographer Jonathan Williams

Maricopa Mayor Christian Price delivered a speech Wednesday night urging residents to “be a little more patient” with the city’s efforts to improve and grow.

Before his “overcoming obstacles” themed State of the City Address, Price climbed to the top of a fire engine ladder, attached himself to a harness, and “flew” over the crowd gathered outside of City Hall by zipline.

After an unforgettable entrance, Price discussed for nearly two hours the challenges of economic development, the overpass and issues relating to State Route 347.

Price used anecdotes from historical figures to illustrate how persevering through struggle leads to success. He challenged residents to be “a little more forgiving.”

“I hope that each of you will take the time to educate yourselves and see favorably all of the amazing things – there are so many of them – that are happening around us each and every day,” Price said.

The mayor used his platform to highlight city success stories over the past year, including the victories in court with Apex Motor Club and the approval of the overpass.

Maricopa City Council members, Justice of the Peace Lyle Riggs, Constable Bret Roberts, Pinal County Supervisor Anthony Smith, Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels, Arizona State Representative Vince Leach, Maricopa Flood Control District President Dan Frank and members of the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board attended the event.

Former Maricopa mayors Edward Farrell, Kelly Anderson and Anthony Smith supported Price at the event as well, and were featured in a video interview played during his speech in which all three city leaders discussed the long history behind the effort to bring an overpass to John Wayne Parkway at the railroad crossing.

Price concluded his address with a call to action and a gift. Those who accepted a coin embossed with the city seal symbolically accepted the mayor’s challenge.

“I challenge you all to individually exercise your talents, your stamina and your sheer determination to succeed in making Maricopa the greatest city in the world,” Price said.