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Tonya Powers is a new co-owner of Honeycutt Coffee. Photo by Jim Headley


Tanya and Dave Powers have purchased Honeycutt Coffee and plan to reopen the business Wednesday.

Honeycutt Coffee has been closed since February.

“I have a background in coffee, about 10 years,” Tanya Powers said. “Once I started, it was my passion. I just love it. I’ve always wanted to have my own shop. It’s just my dream.”

Tanya said she hopes to have Honeycutt open on Wednesday. They have already cleared health inspections and now await a city fire inspection.

“You get to meet so many people,” she said. “I want people to come in and I want this to be like ‘Cheers.’ They’re going to walk in the door and they will be like Norm. That’s what I want to make them feel like.”

Honeycutt has always been a local community coffee house and meeting place. The Powerses hope to take that flavor to the next level.

“I feel like people are going to come in and will feel the vibe and the love and they’re going to want to stay. We will build a relationship and they will want to come back,” Tanya said.

She said there will be some different drinks added to the menu and new equipment, including a soda machine.

“I’m still going to focus on the coffee that I do. I have some refreshers. It’s kind of like a tea but it’s a coffee base. They are super good. My claim to fame are my muffin tops. Not the bottom part, just the top,” Tanya said.

They will also be serving pastries, cheese Danish, brownies, breads and breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

She said in the future they hope to add some live entertainment but for now Honeycutt will keep the same hours, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday.

There will be music playing in the store and free wi-fi.

“I hope people would want to come and have events here in the evenings,” she said.

The Powerses have lived in Arizona more than 12 years and Maricopa for three years.

“I just live down the street and I’ll be here every day,” Tonya Powers said.

Honeycutt Coffee is at 44400 W. Honeycutt Road, Suite 109.

Rosati's Pizza

Rosati’s Pizza will be opening a 1,050-square-foot pizza restaurant in Maricopa Station in the space formerly occupied by Zoyo Yogurt.

Maricopa Station is located just north of the CVS on the NEC of John Wayne Parkway and Smith-Enke Road. Rosati’s will be at 21423 N. John Wayne Parkway, Suite 102. It will be carry-out and delivery.

The first Rosati’s Pizza in the Chicago area opened in 1964, with the Rosati family picking up where their father Sam Rosati left off, with old-style Italian flavors.

Dena Zell of ZELL Commercial Real Estate Services represented the landlord on the lease.

Denny's is nearing an opening date in Maricopa. Photo by Mason Callejas

A Denny’s restaurant tentatively is scheduled to open Feb. 19 at 21195 N. John Wayne Parkway, according to corporate spokesperson Jillian Hutwagner.

Maricopa Chamber of Commerce Director Terri Crain said a ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned for Feb. 17.

The full-service restaurant, which is on a small lot near the John Wayne Parkway and Smith-Enke intersection, is expected to have a capacity of 160 people and a staff of 60-100.

Denny’s has applied for a liquor license with Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control. That application is before Maricopa City Council for recommendation on Tuesday.

File photo

Two of the nine Maricopa eateries inspected by the Pinal County health department Nov. 16-Dec. 14 received black marks. While the Province Clubhouse had more observed infractions, netting an “S” rating, Sunrise Café received a dreaded “N” for one ongoing problem.

Province had various infractions concerning the hand-wash sink, hand-washing practice and use of gloves. Sunrise Café was dinged for appliances cold holding at 47-49 degrees instead of the required maximum 41 degrees. It was written up for having no food manager certification present, noted as a repeat violation since December 2016.


Excellent [No violations found]

Children’s Learning Adventure

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Circle K, 18141 N. John Wayne Parkway

Firehouse Subs

McDonald’s, 41710 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy.


QuikTrip – Kitchen


Satisfactory [Violations corrected during inspection]

Province Community Association Clubhouse


Needs improvement [Critical items noted during inspection cannot be corrected immediately requiring follow-up inspection]

Sunrise Café


Unacceptable [Gross, unsanitary conditions necessitating the discontinuation of service]


This item appears in the January issue of InMaricopa.

Sonic store operator Maegan Carter was happy to bring traditional "stalls" to the unique Maricopa eatery. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Maricopa Sonic now has traditional drive-in stalls outside and a manned counter inside after weeks of remodeling. Store operator Maegan Carter said the changes came from customer feedback.

The store had operated as a drive-thru with inside seating, one of only seven among the Sonic chains. Customers who came inside to dine had to order over a telephone. Carter said customers complained the phones didn’t work or they were concerned about germs.

The interior of Sonic has had a remodel this year, and a human face behind the counter.

Inside changes included the front counter, a drop-down ceiling to combat the echo, new equipment and new furniture. Outside, five drive-in stalls were erected with digital touch screens.

“That was the No. 1 thing Maricopa would not leave me alone about. ‘We need stalls out here,’” Carter said. “I told them the most I could do was five.”

Customers can also order from their cell phones, type in what stall they’re in, and their order will be delivered to them. Carter, who has managed the Maricopa store three years and has worked for Sonic since she was 16, said the menu has also been pared down, with least-ordered items taken away to simplify service.

This story appears in the January issue of InMaricopa.

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Oak & Fork at Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino. Submitted photo

Maricopa is seeing two eateries open their doors this week.

As part of its ongoing remodel, Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino opened its small-plate wine bar, Oak & Fork on Monday. In the wine bar format, customers choose a fine wine and pair it with steak, chicken, lobster, lamb or other selections, including a meat-and-cheese board and a seafood tower.

Lamb loin small plate at Oak & Fork. Submitted photo

After several delays, the owners of Gyro Grill plan to open at 10 a.m. Friday. With Greek and other Mediterranean cuisine, the small eatery is in Suite B-102 in the Fry’s Shopping Center, 20987 N. John Wayne Parkway. The menu includes wraps, plates and kebabs with beef, chicken, lamb and fish.

Gyro Grill plans to open its doors Friday. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

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The owner of Penascos Mexican Restaurant responded to community reaction following news that announced the business had closed last week.

Rosalinda O’Hare, Penascos owner, said she could not share details surrounding the closure due to upcoming legal proceedings on the matter.

“I’ve always done my best with my business and put my whole heart into it – my whole family – but unfortunately I can’t say anything. Not right now,” O’Hare said.

In an article published Wednesday, the landlord who manages the retail property said he took possession of the space last week after “the tenants abandoned” it.

O’Hare disputes that.

“My family is very upset right now with seeing that because it looks like we just abandoned the building,” O’Hare said. “I’ve been here 11 years. It’s not that we abandoned the building. This is a legal issue.”

A variety of factors contributed to the restaurants closure, O’Hare explained, adding she would share what those reasons were after an unspecified legal proceeding concludes.

“We live here and we love Maricopa and I don’t want Maricopa to feel I abandoned Maricopa,” O’Hare said.

On social media, former customers said they were sad to learn the eatery closed.

Others cited issues with the restaurant including an odor from within the building that smelled like sewer, complaints against customer service and food that made them ill.

O’Hare said the restaurant has rated “excellent” with the Pinal County health department for the entirety of the 11 years it operated with help from employees who worked to keep it clean.

Looking forward, O’Hare said it is unclear whether Penascos will open again.

“I’m praying for God’s guidance, but these things are not easy,” O’Hare said.

Dickey’s, a Texas-based chain, is known for its smoked-on-site meats. Photo courtesy Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Maricopan Maurice D’Aoust always went the extra mile to indulge in Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, but he wasn’t happy about that.

Like many a commuter, D’Aoust got tired of driving to Chandler, “so I decided to open my own here.”

The newest location for the Texas-based chain opens its doors Sept. 15.

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, D’Aoust expects to employ 25 people in the remodeled space of Suite D7 at 20924 N. John Wayne Parkway. It is next to Maricopa Wells Animal Hospital and two doors down from Good Donuts.

“I would like to think we would be value added to the community by adding jobs and great food to Maricopa,” D’Aoust said. “I believe we have a sound business model that will be sustainable for years to come so financial success in the first year would definitely be nice.”

This is his first time owning a restaurant, but he knows how accountable a franchisee must be to the corporation and the community.

“Being a good corporate citizen is definitely one of our goals, so developing relationships with the community and giving back will surely be one of our success factors for the first year,” he said.

Serving up the goods is an important element to making a go of it. Dickey’s is known for its smoked-on-site meats. The beef, pork, chicken and turkey are served with an assortment of down-home sides.

Pulled pork sandwich. Photo courtesy Dickey's Barbecue Pit
Pulled pork sandwich. Photo courtesy Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Alongside D’Aoust, Travis Cote will manage the store. Cote spent weeks hiring staff and training them to the Dickey’s model. The 1,750-square-foot Maricopa location will be the 10th Dickey’s franchise in Arizona.

D’Aoust’s affinity for Dickey’s brings the complexities of opening a franchise down to a simple truth.

“I love great barbecue,” he said.

This story appears in the September issue of InMaricopa and has been updated to reflect a new opening date.