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Photo by Jim Headley

Rodeo at Ak-Chin Indian Community’s Masik Tas always includes a junior rodeo for Native American children, and this year was no exception. The many competitive events included mutton bustin’, roping, stick-horse races and bull riding. Though a light-hearted affair overall, a teen was reported to have been seriously injured in the bull riding and was transported from the rodeo grounds to a medical center. The main rodeo continued Sunday morning with jackpot team roping. MasikTas.ak-chin.nsn.us/rodeo

Photo by Mason Callejas

Quad roping, jackpot team roping and saddle roping are just part of the rodeo events that are signatures of Masik Tas at Ak-Chin Indian Community. Saturday will feature a native-only junior rodeo followed by a bull bash and wild horse race for everyone. Saddle roping is set for Sunday. Learn more at http://www.ak-chin.nsn.us/_masiktas/