Maricopa teacher Marjorie Stout at the memorial of Vittorio Emmanuel II in Rome, with her class of second graders. Submitted photo

A Maricopa teacher scored a trip to Italy for spring break, and she didn’t leave her class behind.

Marjorie Stout teaches second grade at Saddleback Elementary School. When her husband told her he was taking her to Italy, she was thrilled, and so was her class. They wanted to go, too, of course. Even after an online virtual tour of Rome, they were still “bummed” they couldn’t go, Stout said.

So, Stout, who has been teaching for 17 years, had a class photo printed on a shirt and on a vinyl poster. As she goes around Rome, she has a photo taken of herself with the class photo at various Italian landmarks. She then shares many of the photos with the class on Class Dojo.

“When I told this idea to my class, they went crazy with excitement,” she said. “So here I am, still in Rome carrying a huge poster wherever I go.”

The Stouts are in Rome for six days.

In the first two days, they (and the virtual class) have visited the Colosseum, Memorial of Vittorio Emmanuel II, The Pantheon, The Vatican (“We saw the Pope too!!!”), Sistine Chapel, The Trevi Fountain, “too many churches to mention,” The Spanish Steps, Piazza Barbini and Piazza Nova.

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