Tech careers for non-tech people


Ken Colburn Data Doctors Founder & CEO [File]
It’s no secret that careers based in the technology sector are amongst the most sustainable and future-proof.

What’s not so obvious is that anyone can get started down the path of a tech career, not just those that spent thousands of dollars on an expensive education.

No matter how accomplished a person may become in the tech sector, they all started from the same place: knowing little or nothing.

Learning something new is much easier when it’s something you’re curious about, so if you’re curious about technology, that’s half the battle.

It’s never too late

Another myth about technology careers is that it’s only for young people that grew up with a computer in their crib.  Your ability to learn has little to do with your age and more to do with your motivation and curiosity in the subject matter.

Switching to a tech-based career is based on a single opportunity to ‘get in the game’.

Communication skills & passion

If your previous work experience is based on solid communication skills and you have a passion to help others, Data Doctors can provide the opportunity to join the tech workforce.

Our training programs have been developed over the past 30 years with lots of options for advancement within the organization.

You may think of Data Doctors as being in the ‘technology services’ business, but we’re actually in the ‘People’ business, which is why we love to hire people people!

No more commuting

If you’re tired of spending so many hours every week commuting and dealing with expensive gas prices, why not work where you live?

If you’re ready for a change, let’s setup a time to discuss your goals and our opportunities right here in Maricopa: