Teresa Martinez receives councilman’s endorsement for House

District 16 Rep. Teresa Martinez carries torch for State Route 347 widening. [Bryan Mordt]


It is my privilege and honor to endorse Teresa Martinez for election in the Arizona House of Representatives in 2022.

Rich Vitiello

Teresa was appointed to serve the remaining term of former Rep. Brett Roberts. She has done an amazing job at our state Capitol for the City of Maricopa. Teresa helped us obtain $19 million for State Route 347, $800,000 for State Route 238, and made ADOT come down to Maricopa and meet with our city officials so we could fix the monument sign at our northern city border.

In no small way, ADOT agreed to an inter-governmental agreement allowing Maricopa to manage the 347 (the whole of John Wayne Parkway) and State Route 238 within our city limits.

Maricopa will no longer be dependent on ADOT to manage traffic within our city borders. As Representative for our area, Teresa helped to obtain $400 million in appropriations for repairs and improvements on the I-10. Teresa also voted to give DPS and correctional officers much needed raises.

Her priority is public safety and economic development — two of the core issues in Maricopa.

As a single mother, Teresa has co-sponsored bills signed into law dealing with enhanced (life) sentences for those convicted of sexual exploitation of minors, and keeping sexually explicit material out of our schools.

She truly cares about the quality of life for our children and unborn.

Empowering parents to make the choices they deem best for our children, her sponsoring a bill mandating transparency in our schools’ learning materials and activities, is an example of her support of school choice.

I am deeply moved by Teresa’s hard work and dedication as a fellow public servant and heartily support her election. Please help support your community by electing Teresa Martinez for the Arizona House in November.


Rich Vitiello

Council Member, City of Maricopa