Luis Pozzolo

In business for almost a year, The Box Meat Shop has been serving Maricopa quality meat at amazing prices. Shop owner Luiz Pozzolo said, while difficult, growing into the Maricopa community has been quite an experience.

“It’s been a challenge, you know, new business for the family and we’re new to the location, too,” Pozzolo said. “But I think it’s growing, and our reputation is growing; people know the quality now.”

As The Box works with many different programs, shoppers have loved the variety of grain and grass-fed meat and the new products the shop brings in. The newest item hitting the shop’s shelves is the famous domestic Wagyu “Kobe” beef.

“It’s a Japanese style. It’s a different genetic process with how the animal grows; different feeding, too.” Pozzolo said. “The meat gets a different marbling and different tastes. It’s very tender. We found a very small company that only kill 50 animals a week.”

He said it is a much cheaper price point than coming from Japan, putting emphasis on supporting American workers and companies. Looking into the future of the Meat Shop, Luis sees even more growth in his company, from an onsite cutting room to a potential second location.

Currently, Pozzolo travels to Phoenix’s meat plant to cut their meat, so processing the meat in-house would be cost-efficient and even more fresh for the customers.

“I don’t know where in Arizona, but we are planning to probably open a second Box shop,” Luis said.


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