The Trails at Tortosa to add 371 new homes

This plot of land in Tortosa will soon be home to 371 single-family residences as the City Council approved the development of Phases 2A and 2B of The Trails [Brian Petersheim, Jr.]

The Maricopa City Council approved a Planned Area Development containing 371 new homes in Tortosa at last Tuesday’s council meeting, making one of the city’s largest communities even larger.

The Trails at Tortosa is a Planned Area Development (PAD) covering 286.56 total acres. It is located north and east of Honeycutt Road and west of Murphy Road. At full buildout, the PAD will be developed into a residential subdivision comprised of 1,052 lots in 12 parcels.

Tuesday’s approval included Phases 2A and 2B, each of which consists of four parcels and covers a total of 93.87 acres. It will be home to 371 single-family residential lots.

The remaining 192.69 acres in the community also will become single-family residences as the balance of The Trails at Tortosa is built out.

The proposed Phase 2A consists of infrastructure for the improvement of 189 residential lots in lot sizes ranging from 6,600–10,500 square feet resulting in a residential density of 3.64 dwelling units per acre.

Phase 2B will have 182 lots in the same size range and a density of 4.43 housing units per acre.

Together, using the city’s formula of 3.2 residents per household, the two new phases will be home to 1,187 residents.

Proposed access to the areas will be achieved by tying into the existing road network established by the previously approved Tortosa northwest subdivision. The main subdivision collector road will tie into the existing Costa Del Sol Boulevard, which will travel through the community and connect to Honeycutt Road.

Phase 2A will extend Costa Del Sol Boulevard north of the project area for future phases of development. As part of the review for The Trails at Tortosa Phases 2A and 2B, city staff requires at least two separate accesses constructed and approved for each phase of the development, per City Engineering Standards.