The flip of a calendar page gives us chance to reset and refocus for ’23

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InMaricopa, through the eyes of community leaders from many walks of life, examines visions, hopes and wishes for the year ahead.

What do you want to accomplish this year?

Improve your health and fitness? Find new ways to achieve happiness? How about the ability to ruminate on the year ahead at a splendid sit-down restaurant right here in Maricopa?

Lee Shappell

It’s funny how the turn of a calendar page gets so many people to reset or refocus.

That’s a good thing, of course, provided there is lasting follow through. Otherwise, a new year’s resolution is as valuable as the latest new-restaurant projected opening.

In our January edition of InMaricopa magazine, we take an extensive look back at 2022 and a look ahead to 2023.

We asked leaders in various walks of life to share what they’d like to accomplish in Maricopa in the coming year. Among highlights:

  • Mayor Nancy Smith and District 16 Representative and House Majority Whip Teresa Martinez have improving State Route 347 atop their lists.
  • Maricopa is a diverse place and the voices of people of color aren’t always heard or even solicited. Civic leader Rachel Leffall shares how this might improve in the interest of inclusion as part of our 2023 look ahead.

Also in our January edition:

  • Among Maricopa’s 500 or so city employees, how many would you imagine take home six-figure salaries? A dozen? Two dozen? Try 44 of them, with a 45th on his way at the end of the month. We got our hands on the city’s entire payroll through a public records request, and we were surprised to learn nearly 9% are making 100 grand or more. Are the people of Maricopa getting their money’s worth? We share, you decide.
  • Apparently, one person who is doing a good job, based on clients’ feedback, is Chris Scoggin, managing director of CS CPA Group Taxes and Accounting. Our cover story by Justin Griffin clues you in.
  • It is said, at least by Edmund Burke, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” The philosopher of the late 1700s never sat on the 347 day after day, or he might have added that even those who know history sometimes are doomed to repeat it. History otherwise seems to be big around here. Our readers love it. So, we give you a healthy final dose of 2022 in our Year in Review. There were many good things across the city, and there were some that might best not be repeated. Let’s hope we learn.

Of course, one thing we hope is repeated for the foreseeable future is your continued readership of InMaricopa magazine and on the web. We’ll try to keep earning your loyalty.

Happy New Year!