Maricopa will stay hot - in triple-digits - through the week. Photo by Adam Wolfe

After a few weeks of stormy weather, Maricopa residents can expect to see hot, sunny days throughout the work week.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperatures for the week should range between 101 and 105 degrees. The skies are expected to be mostly clear, and no moisture is in the forecast until Sunday.

For Monday, residents can expect to see partly cloudy skies with a high near 102 degrees. The winds are expected to stay calm near 6 mph, and road conditions are expected to be clear for commuters returning home. The air quality report from the Cowtown Air Quality Index listed Monday as having good (green) air quality. However, the expectation for Tuesday drops to moderate (yellow) air quality.

The forecast for Tuesday calls for sunny skies and a high near 103 degrees. The wind is once again expected to stay calm near 6 mph. The overnight low is expected to dip into the low 70s as well.

The rest of the work week is shaping up to be similar. Wednesday is expected to see clear skies and a high near 105 degrees, while Thursday is projected to be nearly identical with sunny skies and a high near 104 degrees. Friday’s forecast is for temperatures to drop slightly to 102 degrees, but for skies to remain clear.

According to the NWS, there is a potential for rain and thunderstorms on Sunday, but the forecast currently calls for a sunny Saturday. The weekend forecast will become clearer as the work week winds down.