Tracey Nagy, store manager

The UPS Store has shipped packages, faxed, scanned and notarized documents in Maricopa since 2006.

But it’s the store’s welcoming attitude that has kept customers coming back for the past decade, said Store Manager Tracey Nagy.

“We know everybody’s name who comes in here, it seems like,” said Nagy. “We’re happy about that and hopefully that comes across as a real, friendly atmosphere in here.”


Nagy has worked for UPS for 13 years.

She’s spent the last dozen managing her store in Maricopa and has watched the city grow along with her customer base.

“I opened the store way back when and it definitely wasn’t as busy as it is now, but we’ve grown leaps and bounds and it’s a really good
store,” Nagy said.

The store provides more than just its traditional services. In addition to its printing and copying options, the UPS store also allows customers to send documents over the web.

Nagy explained that customers can email attached documents directly to the store from the convenience of their computers and pick up their copies once the order is ready.

It’s one of many practices Nagy said the store has used to support local entrepreneurs.

“We definitely love the community and we like to help small businesses,” Nagy said.

Some of the most popular services utilized by small business owners is the UPS Store’s 24/7 access mailboxes, business cards and letterhead printing.

For traditional shipping needs, Nagy said her customers feel safe when sending important packages through the mail.

“The Pack and Ship Guarantee offers the customer a guarantee that their packages will arrive safely, and if not, they will get reimbursed for the charges,” Nagy said.



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