Leading Edge Academy Youth Choir rehearses for a Veterans Day program, planned for Nov. 10.

Leading Edge Academy presents a special Veterans Day salute on Nov. 10.

War veterans and local dignitaries have been invited. There will be assemblies at 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

Besides being treated to patriotic music, veterans and their families have been invited to breakfast.

“These guys are ambassadors for our school,” Principal Mat Reese said the choir. “And they’re all terrific kids. You just can’t say enough about them.”

The Leading Edge Youth Choir consists of students in third through fifth grade, under the direction of Denise Frietas.

“She does a phenomenal job and now we’re appearing in four or five functions with the city and everything else, so it’s been a very positive experience,” Reese said.

Leading Edge Academy is at 18700 N. Porter Road. Call 520-568-7800.