Michelle Sam, tech-receptionist, for Maricopa Wells Veterinary Hospital, which has moved. Photo by Michelle Chance

Dog and cat owners can utilize a new medical facility when it’s time for pet checkups in Maricopa.

Last week the Maricopa Wells Veterinary Hospital opened its new location in the Wells Shopping Center at 41620 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy., Suite 101.

The veterinary clinic moved Aug. 24 from its original office near Bashas’ Food & Drug.

Tech-Receptionist Michelle Sam said MWVH is the first tenant to lease the office space adjacent to H&R Block. The new space was customized to include six exam rooms and separate waiting spaces for dogs and cats.

The reception area is divided by a red partition with more seating and space for patients and their owners than in the previous clinic, Sam said.

Sam said staff at the vet hospital wanted to move to provide patients a bigger office with a calm atmosphere.

“Instead of our waiting area being full while we wait for people to get into rooms, we can get more people into rooms that way they are more comfortable with just their pet,” Sam said.

The new location also offers a “special procedures room” with its own entrance for nervous animals that need to be secluded during wait-times.

“(The room is) going to remain locked during the day, but if a client comes in with a dog that’s scared […] and has special needs, we’ll have them call us when they get here and we’ll walk them into that special procedures room and they will completely bypass having to deal with anyone,” Sam said.

Puppy and kitten wellness exams, regular health exams, sick pet exams, vaccines, X-rays and surgical services at the hospital will continue from its original operation.

MWVH treats cats and dogs, but as the office plans to expand in employees, Sam said it also hopes to accept a broader range of patients.

 “We are looking for another veterinarian still, so once we get one in, if they do exotics or large animals then we will look into starting those,” Sam said.

The clinic also offers pet euthanasia and cremation services, Sam said.

MWVH is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information call 520-568-6645 or email Reception@mwvh.com.              

Photo by Michelle Chance