Leach: Keep ‘Maricopa first’ Manfredi on city council


Vincent Manfredi has the insight and experience that makes him valuable to the City of Maricopa. I fully endorse him and believe the people of Maricopa should vote to keep him in office going forward.

Vince is the type of councilmember that is always looking to advocate for his residents. Regardless of the topic, Vince has Maricopa first on his mind. His push to improve the SR 347 is evident in his dealings with legislators and his participation in many local, regional, and statewide transportation committees.

Senator Vince Leach
Arizona State Senate

Editor’s note: Vincent Manfredi is co-owner of InMaricopa.


  1. I do not get the slogan “Maricopa First” Manfredi. Is someone attempting to imply that that local council members are putting other towns first? It makes about as much sense as cyber-ninjas. I suppose If you have nothing of substance to run on, just make up something superficial.