Photo by Kyle Norby

According to City Councilmember Nancy Smith, Walgreens has applied for a tenant improvement permit for the building located west of Walmart on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.

Smith posted on her Facebook page the new store “should be opened by the end of the year or first of next.” The application was submitted today, according to City documents, and requires 24 standard inspections.

The shell building was constructed in 2009 on 1.52 acres with the intent to be a drug store, but the ensuing Great Recession halted its development. The current project is to complete interior alterations.

The land at 41840 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway is owned by Maricopa 7 LLC, which purchased it three years ago for a reported $7 million from Maricopa WG LLC. It previously belonged to Shea Maricopa LLC and Homestead Village South, according to county tax records. The commercial area is officially known as Maricopa Power Center The Wells.


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