Water main ruptures in Province


For the third time in as many months one of the main lines maintained by local utility Global Water ruptured Tuesday morning.

The water main located near Province Parkway in the Province neighborhood of Maricopa ruptured around 7:30 a.m. leaving customers temporarily with diminished or no water pressure.

Client Services supervisor Beth Huerta said the main break on Tuesday affected Province homes for about an hour, but the issue was quickly resolved.

“We got it under control within 30 to 45 minutes,” Huerta said. “Right now, we have it isolated so it’s not affecting any homes.”

Global Water General Manager Jon Corwin said the cause of the rupture is unknown at this point and crews are still working to determine the culprit.

Past water main ruptures have been attributed to a number of factors including the geological shifting of earth around the pipes and substandard construction.

Global Water inherited the infrastructure when they acquired their predecessor companies in 2011. However most of the system was installed shortly after the city was incorporated in 2003, meaning most of the pipes are likely 12 or more years old.