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Kristina Donnay, medical director at Maricopa Wellness Center. [Victor Moreno]

Testosterone- it helps set personal records, increases muscle mass, and makes you more virile. But it’s also true that low testosterone is usually misunderstood.

Your testosterone levels are highest in the morning between the hours of 7am and 10am and lowest in the evening. Testosterone follows the circadian rhythm of your body or your sleep cycle. To achieve optimal results with your testosterone, focus on workouts, big projects, or time with a significant other in the morning. Your high levels in the morning can be attributed to higher levels of focus, drive, and clarity.

How it affects you mentally as well as physically
There is more to testosterone than just physical wellbeing. There are many studies and literature showing low testosterone levels are associated with depression and other mood disorders, even the early onset of memory loss and dementia. It has also been shown to be associated with a foggy brain or difficulty with concentration and being motivated.

At Maricopa Wellness Center, we have studied men’s testosterone levels. When they become stabilized and are within their optimal zone, men become more mentally stable and focused. We see them have better memory recall and more drive in their lives.

There are three types of testosterones in the body. There’s free testosterone which is readily available for your body and cells to use. The other two types are attached to proteins in the blood albumin and sex hormone-binding globulin. Albumin-bound testosterone is also available for use by the body. Free testosterone and albumin are known as bioavailable testosterone. Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is not available for use by the body. As we age, our SHBG increases while our bioavailable testosterone decreases. A simple blood test can determine our total testosterone as well as our free testosterone and can help determine whether low testosterone is causing certain symptoms.

Symptoms of low testosterone can include:

  • Muscle Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Hot flashes in men
  • Night Sweats
  • Lower sex drive
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Hair Loss
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Memory Loss

Men who are experiencing one or more of these symptoms should consider getting their blood tested for low testosterone. Many men dismiss these symptoms as side effects of stress; but in many cases, it is low testosterone.

Head injuries can also lead to low testosterone. Many former athletes, especially football players, may suffer from low testosterone due to the rigorous nature of sports. My husband played high school and college football and when we tested him at 35, had the testosterone levels of a 60-year-old man. We have personally seen his quality of life improve with the adoption of bio-identical hormone pellet therapy.

The path to wellness is full of various approaches including pills, creams, patches, and more.

Here at Maricopa Wellness Center, we specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement pellet therapy. The chemical structure of the plant-based hormones mimic the body’s natural hormones making it safe and effective. The pellets deliver consistent hormones to keep your body in an optimal state. Pellets communicate with your body to release the right amount of hormones at the right time for a sustained period. Other methods can leave you with spikes and dips in your daily or weekly hormone levels.

Our providers know that no two people are the same and custom tailor each treatment to cater to your optimal levels. With the addition of supplements to help balance the body you can experience your old self again and regain your youthful exuberance.
Call today to schedule a consultation and see if you may be suffering from low testosterone.

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