Charles Linn: “I’d like to see them start work on the overpass over the railroad tracks. I’ve been here a year and a half, and every day that’s been a headache.”

Larry Gardner: “I would like to see a really nice steak and seafood restaurant instead of all these fast foods.”

Mark Force: “A highway from Tortosa to I-10 to get to Phoenix faster.”

Johanna Gillies: “Better schools. I have friends that send their kids to Tempe. Why can’t we have that quality here?”

Karin Helton: “Just a family, sit-down restaurant. Everything here has got bars associated with it and alcohol. If we want to go have a nice lunch or a dinner for a celebration, we go to Casa Grande. But Mayor Price is doing a phenomenal job bringing things here. The overpass is coming and things are happening, but people aren’t patient enough to let it happen.”

“Word on the Street” appeared in the Winter Edition of InMaricopa the Magazine.