‘Wild horse’ finds home at local hospital 

"Mouth of the Arroyo" by Pam Robb [Brian Petersheim Jr.]

A “wild horse” found its new home Tuesday morning, this time, just outside a local hospital. 

During a Facebook livestream, the city installed the art work “Mouth of the Arroyo” in its new home, Exceptional Community Hospital. The work of art has strong symbolism, such as the Arizona flag and saguaro cacti. 

“Mouth of the Arroyo” was painted by local artist Pam Robb as a part of the “Maricopa Wild Horses” arts initiative by City Manager Rick Horst. 

The piece was unveiled in February in the second round of horses, along with eight others, which are still in the process of being installed. With additional rounds to follow, there eventually will be 50 or more horse sculptures, painted by local artists, around Maricopa.