Erik and Amanda Barcus left corporate banking to start their home-based business in Maricopa. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

By Fran Lyons

The slogan on Erik and Amanda Barcus’ business is “Clean by a man’s hands with a woman’s eye.”

Barcus Pros Window Services is a husband-and-wife team that adds new meaning to couples working together. Synchronized, precise and well-practiced in their approach, Erik works on windows outside while Amanda works inside. They communicate with hand signals and move in unison.

Detail-oriented and purposeful, they put their name on the line.

“One of the reasons we put our family name on our business is that it represents our integrity and commitment to the highest standard of service,” Erik Barcus said.

More than window and screen cleaning, they offer products including solar and bug screens. They build screened areas for the home such as enclosed porches.

“We build ‘shade rooms’ instead of sun rooms,” Barcus said.

Since moving to Maricopa from Texas, the couple, whose lives revolve around work, family and their church, have appreciated the friendly attitude, flexibility and uniqueness of the Maricopa lifestyle. They met while working in the corporate banking business, which they left to start Barcus Window Services in 2015.

When time permits, Erik Barcus can be seen riding his bike around town. He loves bicycles and began tinkering with “most things mechanical” when he was very young. He has a bike-repair business on the side.

“I see the potential in a bicycle for the best ride you’ve ever had,” he said. “I love riding my bike, and my goal is to have people enjoy their bike as I do mine.”, 602-908-9369


Barcus Pros Window Services

Owners: Erik and Amanda Barcus
Hometowns: Plano, Texas (Erik) and Phoenix (Amanda)
Residence: Glennwilde
Maricopans since: 2013
Nature of business: Almost all things to do with windows – cleaning, screens, enclosures and solar screens.
Why this business? Family background and experience in the window services business. Also provides them with the opportunity to work together as a couple/team and to consider the needs of their family.
Why Maricopa? To be connected to their religious community. They answered the call to assist in the religious matters of their congregation in Maricopa.
Family: Two sons and a daughter
Greatest challenge: “We challenge ourselves every day to reach the heights; climbing the ladder to meet our goals and to provide the best service and customer satisfaction.” (Amanda)
First job: Amanda opened her own business as a licensed massage therapist/entrepreneur and Erik worked in a bike shop.
Favorite job: Working together in their family business.
Best business advice: “Not to over-promise, but to over-deliver when you can.” (Erik)

This story appears in the May issue of InMaricopa.