Diana Nguyen (PCSO photo)

Diana Nguyen, 18, was arrested Dec. 19 on an accusation of punching her mother in the face after she refused to hand over the daughter’s birth certificate and passport.

According to a Maricopa Police Department probable cause statement, officers responded to the Nguyen home on West Colby Drive to find evidence of a physical fight between Diana and her parents.

Officers reported they heard yelling coming from within the home when they arrived. They pushed on the door, which opened immediately, and entered the residence.

The report stated Diana’s parents came into the living room and started pointing at Diana. The officer reported Diana said she was arguing with her parents because they refused to surrender her passport and birth certificate.

She said during the argument Anna “got close to her face” and told her to “go ahead and punch her.”

“So, Diana told me she punched her mother in the face,” the officer’s report states.

There was no physical visible injury to Anna’s face, according to officers.

Diana was charged with misdemeanor assault per domestic violence.