Woman accused of trying to steal ATV twice


Monday, a woman was charged with third-degree burglary after she allegedly tried to steal an ATV out of a Maricopa residential garage not once but twice.

During the alleged burglary, Norma Robison took the keys to the ATV and a brown cowboy hat, according to police reports. She also left her wallet behind at the scene of the crime.

The resident of the house on West Blazen Trail reported an unknown woman walked into her open garage and attempted to steal a Honda ATV that was parked inside.

Maricopa Police officers responded to the area and located a woman matching the description riding a bike. Officers found the keys to the ATV in her pocket along with the cowboy hat, which she was wearing. During the investigation a wallet belonging to the suspect was left at the scene of the burglary, according to police reports.

The resident of the home provided police with home surveillance video allegedly showing Robison walking into the garage twice, in an attempt to steal the ATV, and leaving with the cowboy hat, according to a MPD probable cause statement.

Police stated, “she will be charged with burglary in the third degree,” in the probable cause statement but it does not state she was arrested.