Woman charged with assault on six children


A woman is facing a 15-count indictment on charges of assault, disorderly conduct and alcohol violations in connection with an incident at Jiffy Lube on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway Tuesday.

Gabriella Compton has been charged with six counts of endangerment/domestic violence; six counts of disorderly conduct; aggravated assault on a minor under the age of 15; aggravated assault on a paramedic; and having an open liquor container in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.

At 12:46 p.m. Tuesday, Maricopa Police responded to a call at the Jiffy Lube near Walmart in response to a fight between Compton, 25, and her niece, who is a minor. When MPD arrived, they found a blue Toyota SUV with six children inside. Compton was contacted, at which point police determined that she was heavily intoxicated and acting in a belligerent and uncooperative manner with the officers on scene. She refused to cooperate with any part of the investigation.

A minor female inside the Toyota was observed by officers to have fresh blood flowing from her nose and mouth; this juvenile also was uncooperative with the investigation but told officers that Compton had hit her.

Witnesses and employees of the Jiffy Lube reported seeing Compton get out of her vehicle and approach them, appearing to be impaired. Officers also noted that the Toyota had a flat tire and damage to the passenger side of the vehicle as if it had recently been involved in a collision. Officers also found open alcohol containers inside the vehicle.

Because of her level of intoxication, Compton was transported by ambulance to Chandler Regional Hospital for further medical evaluation. During the ambulance ride to the hospital, Compton spit on one of the paramedics riding with her.

A search warrant was issued for her blood, and nurses informed MPD that her initial toxicology report showed a blood alcohol level of 0.323, more than four times the legal limit.

Charges related to the elevated BAC have not yet been filed, but additional vials of blood were drawn and submitted for analysis.