Woman’s father calls police after man allegedly assaults her, police say


A man is accused of assaulting a woman on Sept. 14 and her father then reported the incident to Maricopa Police, officers said. 

Andrew P. Kwartler, 29, was booked into jail and faces charges of assault (domestic violence), disorderly conduct (domestic violence) and disorderly conduct. 

According to the probable cause statement: 

At about 10 p.m., officers responded to a disturbance on West Carey Drive in Rancho El Dorado, between a man and woman. Officers contacted the man, Kwartler, who was sitting in his truck upon their arrival.  

Kwartler told officers that he had arrived home from work at about 4 p.m. and fell asleep shortly after. He stated that he was awakened by the woman, who was asking for a phone charger. Kwartler stated that the woman began saying profanities toward him and verbally attacked him. 

During the discussion between Kwartler and officers, he stated that the woman had been drinking and had become aggressive. The man stated that he went to the living room to sleep on the couch, when the woman followed and continued to verbally attack him. 

Kwartler stated that he had then gone to the bedroom and that she eventually came to bed but continued the verbal attack. The man stated that he placed both hands on her chest, shook her and told her to stop. Kwartler stated that his hands may have slipped up to the woman’s neck during the encounter. 

Officers then contacted the woman, who remembered the incident differently.  

The woman told officers that she had been drinking before Kwartler got home, and that when he got home, he had started verbally attacking her about drinking, so she argued back. The woman stated that while this was happening she was on the bed and Kwartler got on top of her and placed his hands around her neck. 

The woman stated that similar incidents had happened many times before, so she held her breath and after 30 seconds he let go.  

The woman told officers that her dad called to report the incident. She stated that she was not going to call because she was used to it happening.