All 16 applicants for the Maricopa Youth Council were approved and given the opportunity to vote. Photo by Adam Wolfe

The Maricopa City Council approved 16 applicants for the Maricopa Youth Council, and gave all members of the program the opportunity to vote in meetings.

The initial plan was for seven new members of the Maricopa Youth Council, bringing the total to 14 with two alternates. The City Council adjusted the motion and unanimously voted to bring on all seven new members, but allow all 16 teens to have a vote.

“We had the opportunity to have a meet-and-greet with the present council and the new candidates coming in,” Council member Peggy Chapados said. “These kids have done some amazing things, and I would like to suggest that, since we only have 16, let’s make them all full voting Youth Council members. I really don’t know if there is an advantage to having two alternates. It only changes the quorum requirement by one person, and I’d hate to see two kids take this opportunity to be involved and have to sit out on some things.”

After ensuring the change was within the council’s legal right, the council unanimously approved all 16 applicants for the Youth Council and gave them each the opportunity to vote.

Tuesday night’s City Council meeting didn’t feature many votes, and ended within an hour. The time was dominated by members of the public speaking about upcoming events and celebrations.

Maricopa Mayor Christian Price announced a proclamation for the city to celebrate Maricopa High School’s 60th anniversary. As part of the Homecoming Week celebrations, Maricopa homes and businesses are encouraged to “paint the town red” by decorating their establishments with MHS colors.

“As you may or may not know, one of the things we are always trying to do better here as a city is to have a better relationship with our school district,” Price said. “The reason is that, for those who do not know, they are different and distinct government bodies – different budgets and different governing officials. So although they have overlapping jurisdiction, their jurisdiction isn’t solely the city’s to control the district; and vice versa. In order for us to do and be successful, I think we have to learn and be excellent together.”

Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board President Patti Coutre joined Mayor Price at the podium while he proclaimed the month of October to be “Chamber for Good Month.” The month is meant to showcase local business and non-profits to promote economic growth by buying local.

The only other vote the council made was to approve the consent agenda. The unanimous vote approved 11 items including an intergovernmental agreement with Pinal County regarding the co-located administration and operation of limited jurisdiction courts and Pinal County Animal Care and Control for a two-year contract to enhance Public Safety services concerning animal care, control and enforcement.

The consent agenda also included purchase of a BMW R1200 RT-P police motorcycle from GOAZ for the Maricopa Police Department not to exceed $30,861.78, a 2016 Chevrolet Express 15-passenger van not to exceed $35,000 from Midway Chevrolet for the City’s Community Services Department and a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado double cab 4×4 pickup truck not to exceed $31,565 for the Public Works’ street maintenance division. The council also approved an interim presiding judge agreement with Judge Lyle Riggs.

The council will meet again on Oct. 20 at 7 p.m.


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