11 eateries receive excellent ratings from food inspectors


According to Pinal County Environmental Services, 15 inspections were done from Feb. 3 to Feb. 16.       


Excellent rating 

  • Brooklyn Boys Italian Restaurant & Pizza (Inspected Feb. 16) 
  • Circle K-18141 N. John Wayne Pkwy. (Inspected Feb. 8) 
  • Desert Sunrise High School (Inspected Feb 9) 
  • Desert Wind Middle School (Inspected Feb 9) 
  • Exceptional Community Hospital (Inspected Feb 8) 
  • Jimmy John’s (Inspected Feb. 16) 
  • Maricopa High School (Inspected Feb 8) 
  • Maricopa High School – Culinary Arts (Inspected Feb 8) 
  • Province Community Association-Clubhouse (Inspected Feb. 16) 
  • Santa Cruz Elementary (Inspected Feb 9) 
  • Subway (Inspected Feb. 16) 


Satisfactory rating 


Preventing contamination 

  • Cook used bare hands to plate ready-to-eat bacon.  

Hot holding  

  • Temperature of gravy and marinara sauce held in pan in steam well were 94 to 124°F for approximately 1.5 hours. (>135°F required) 


Dickey’s Barbecue Pit  


  • Staff washed knives in hand sink and placed dry knives on the rack next to meat-cutting station. Knives are to be washed, rinsed and sanitized in three-compartment sink. 

Hot holding 

  • Temperatures of cooked pork and beef held in upper rack of reach-in warmer were 102°F to 120°F. (> 135°F required) 

Label chemicals 

  • Person in charge was asked to provide bucket of sanitizer and emptied contents of bottle labeled “sanitizer” into the bucket. Solution in both bucket and bottle tested negative for sanitizer, and person in charge was unable to determine what was in bottle. 


  • Buildup of debris seen on upright warmer, under counter warmer, display warmer, prep-cooler doors and sides, and hot holding plate.  

Proper ventilation 

  • Smoke was seen in facility while fryer was in use. Manager was unable to get hood system to turn on. 
  • Heavy buildup of soot was seen on walls and tiles above smoker. 


KFC/Long John Silvers 

Hot holding 

  • Temperatures of cooked chicken being held on bottom rack of counter-mounted warmer were 111 to 124°F. Manager said chicken had been there for approximately 1.5 hours. ( >135°F required) 


  • Buildup of food debris seen in basin of mop sink, and on floors in walk-in cooler and throughout facility.  
  • Several floor tiles in chicken-prep area are missing or damaged. Repair required. 


The Duke at Rancho El Dorado 


  • Sanitizer in use at bar compartment sink was tested to be 0 ppm. (200-400 ppm required) 

Cross contamination 

  • Golf-shop employee entered kitchen to fill personal, previously used, cup. Ice scoop came in contact with inside of cup.  

Expiration dates 

  • Open containers of queso, chili and gravy held in walk-in cooler had expired date marks, ranging from two to four days before inspection. 

Consumer advisory 

  • Ground meat with consumer advisory is listed on kids menu, with disclosure asterisk by its side. Restaurants may not offer minors undercooked food. 


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