Children’s Learning Adventure is committed to helping prepare students for kindergarten through their comprehensive Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs. Their Lifetime Adventures® Early Learning Standards supports student achievement by introducing the skills necessary for a successful kindergarten experience. Students are introduced daily to STEAM-based curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics) while participating in specialty enrichment classes, gathering time, social studies, science, health and more.

A child’s social development involves learning the values, knowledge and skills that enable him/her to relate to others effectively. Building these relationships impacts a child’s positive contributions in the community, with family and at school. At Children’s Learning Adventure, children develop these interpersonal skills in Imagination Island, a uniquely designed miniature city created to enhance social interactions and development. This play-based learning environment supports and influences children’s social development.

Children’s Learning Adventure has also created monthly themes related to their curriculum. Students are introduced to various learning activities in each classroom that focus on a monthly theme such as “Things That Go,” “Health and Nutrition” and “Tropical Adventures.”

Children’s Learning Adventure also promotes life-long health and well-being to their students, as it begins in early childhood. Children experience a variety of meaningful, physical activities in a climate-controlled indoor gym and outdoor play area. Children develop socially and physically as they interact with peers and teachers daily, building understanding of team and individual sports.

To instill a love for learning, Children’s Learning Adventure has created fun and interactive activities for their students. These activities allow them to discover and explore areas they are interested in while learning about something new. Founder and CEO Rick Sodja explains, “What separates Children’s Learning Adventure from others is that we champion working collaboratively with parents to develop students into lifelong learners.”

Children’s Learning Adventure believes it is important to provide a fun, positive and engaging atmosphere for both their students and parents. They offer innovative lesson plans and enjoyable learning activities that are developmentally appropriate. Children’s Learning Adventure creates a welcoming and nurturing environment that encourages parents and families to be actively involved with their children’s learning experiences throughout the year.

Children’s Learning Adventure in Maricopa holds open houses every month for families to explore the campus and engage with the teachers. To learn more about Children’s Learning Adventure, please visit