My participation in the arts takes on many forms, from acting to directing; from playing music to writing music, and from publishing books to composing music for short films. Creative expression is a huge part of my life and a passion I have been fortunate enough to pursue.

My journey took me from talent shows to high school plays, from community theater to performing professionally on the steps of the capitol in California, and from Paramount’s Great America in San Jose, Calif., to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

The skills and experiences I’ve gained shaped me into who I am, and I can share my experiences with Maricopa, working closely with others in the community who are equally passionate and dedicated to the arts. This devotion is what drives my fellow performers to bring to the arts the highest quality of entertainment, sharing the stories of humanity that reflect the world around us.

Maricopa Community Theatre showcases the best talent Maricopa has to offer with experienced performers, directors, choreographers and theater technicians. An all-inclusive community that embraces diversity welcomed me and my family to the fold in 2017.

It also educates the youth and first-time performers with youth theater and summer programs, instilling in the next generation of performers the importance of art in all its forms.

I have the good fortune of participating in the arts, and it has been my great privilege to continue in Maricopa.

Maricopa is brimming with events that showcase and highlight local talent. Throughout this month, the Maricopa Arts Gallery has frequent art showings at Maricopa’s Library and Cultural Center. Maricopa High School has two events: the MHS Dance Company Annual Recital with three performances (May 3-May 5), and the MHS Band/Orchestra Spring Concert (May 16) at the MHS Performing Arts Center.

Maricopa Wells Middle School also has performances May 3-May 5 of “Haphazardly Ever After,” with a student art show on the night of the final performance.

And don’t forget MMC’s rescheduled May 6 Springtime Serenade concert.

Lastly, from May 31 through June 3, Maricopa Community Theatre proudly presents its production of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “In the Heights.”

Christopher Goodrum is a published author, playwright, composer, actor and director, currently working at Maricopa Wells Middle School as an educator.

This opinion was previously published in InMaricopa Magazine.