The "M Monument" before its installation [Justin Griffin]

Installation of the “M” monument entering town from the north on John Wayne Parkway, which has languished since February, is a step closer to reality.

Councilmember Vincent Manfredi, who was serving as interim mayor during Tuesday’s City Council meeting, announced the news at the meeting, saying the city received a permit to erect the monument within city limits, slightly south of the original location.

It was on hold while awaiting Arizona Department of Transportation approval.

The exact location of the monument is to be determined. The permit came as a result of recent meetings between city leaders and ADOT management.

Manfredi said all indications are that the project would be completed soon.

“(There is) good news that came from that meeting (with ADOT) – very good news,” Manfredi said. “Everybody has been asking about that monument and now we have a permit, so congratulations. The monument will be going up. It’s moved just a little bit south into town.”

Manfredi said no timeline for placement of the monument is available yet but, “We have the permit now and ADOT has allowed us to put it up. It will happen pretty quicky now because we have the permit from ADOT.”

The monument is the crowning element of the city’s John Wayne Parkway median beautification project.

The 14-foot-tall monument, which is more than 20 feet wide, originally was to be installed in the early morning hours of Jan. 31 but was halted at the last minute. It was to be installed in the median to greet those entering Maricopa from the north. The new location also will be in the median.

The city changed the location of the monument prior to the original installation date, which caused reopening of review of the project by ADOT. During the review, ADOT determined that a barrier of some sort would be needed around the monument to buffer vehicles in case of an accident.

The stylized “M” monument is the centerpiece of the city’s $2 million upgrade to the median through town from the north to the railroad overpass.

For more information about the monument, go to: Monument – InMaricopa.


Editor’s note: Vincent Manfredi is a co-owner of InMaricopa.


  1. Sweet! Something new to look at as I wait for the traffic light at Rancho on my commute home.

    I morbidly wonder how long it’ll be until someone crashes into it- just like those gabion boxes.

    I honestly want to be excited about progress- but we need something more meaningful than the gilding on our only “functional” way in and out of town. Maybe our newly reelected council will address this better… or maybe they’ll just pave Vitiello’s waving spot and expect us to throw a parade spontaneously.

  2. Great, no people will know what City to avoid once they get off the 347. Is the city ever gonna do anything about the biggest issues instead of wasting time? We need businesses like Home Depot, Lowes, Target, really just shopping. We have all these houses with no where but Ace which never has what you need for real projects. Also the 347 is a giant fuck fest of not knowing how to build a freeway, but no let’s spend time and money showing off what city we are cause a map won’t tell you that already. Want people to be proud of Maricopa, make it a better city. The statement that Maricopa is just a strip mall with housing still rings true. The government here doesn’t give two shits about the residents, the people wanted marijuana so it was legalized then the government decides that the city doesn’t need anything, let’s have more people take the shitty 347 to Chandler instead of letting people enjoy their lives in Maricopa.