City of Maricopa


The City of Maricopa is excited to announce that initial steps have been made to install a gateway monument at the entrance of the City on State Route 347.

The conceptual design of the proposed monument includes an art piece in the center median of State Route 347 and a sign identifying the City of Maricopa on the west side of the highway. A stone structure is also proposed on the east side of the highway to provide symmetry. The city also plans to install new natural landscape on the shoulders and median to compliment the monument.

“Since our beginnings in 2003, Maricopa has desired to have an entry feature, a monument that announces to residents and visitors alike that they have arrived in Maricopa,” City Manager Ricky Horst said. “This long-awaited monument is now close to being a reality.”

This project is one part of an overall beautification effort to improve the landscaping on State Route 347/John Wayne Parkway. City officials have already initiated the work with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to install various landscaping improvements throughout the corridor, which will be incorporated into the project in phases.


The phases are spread over five years to be paid through capital-improvement funds. The entire beautification project was budgeted up to $1.25 million.