Seasons Living at Copper Sky is a planning senior-living complex. Aerial photo by Kyle Norby (courtesy Desert Rat Aviation)

Two housing developments, including senior living, moved a step closer to realization with approval from Maricopa City Council Tuesday. Both projects were previously approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Bungalows on Bowlin, a mix of multi-family and single-family units, is planned near the northwest corner of State Route 347 and Bowlin Road. The project needed rezoning and the future land use map changed in order to advance.

As planned, the 16.95 acres would include 196 housing units. One-bedroom apartments would be in duplexes while two-bedroom and three-bedroom units would be detached. The property, which is vacant, needed to be rezoned to high-density residential.

Bungalows on Bowlin is planned Bowlin Road west of SR 347.

The application submitted by the architect and engineer stated the units could include “small-lot single residences, townhouses, condominiums, cluster housing and multiple residence housing.”

Vice Mayor Nancy Smith said she had been concerned about possible traffic congestion in the area but was reassured after studying the paperwork. The property will have entry and exit off Bowlin Road and exit-only onto Alterra Parkway next to Fire Station 574.

“I’m happy with the way they joined this community in with the community that is adjacent to it,” Smith said.

Required to inform owners of any properties within 300 feet, the City notified around 95 people. Eight people came to a neighborhood meeting on the development in February. At that meeting, developers said construction might begin eight to 12 months after rezoning approval.

Also Tuesday, the council gave Season Living at Copper Sky planned area development zoning. The 3.82 acres is being developed as senior housing, including independent living, assisted living and memory care.

The acreage is along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at Greythorn Drive. Rodolfo Lopez, deputy director of Economic and Community Development Department, said the PAD designation allows more flexibility than the previous mixed-use zoning.

It is expected to have 146 housing units, with the independent-living area separated from the assisted-living and memory-care units by a common area. There was no neighborhood meeting on the project because there is no developed property except city property within 300 feet. Lopez said the City has received no negative feedback since the project has become public knowledge.


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