Council tabs Vitiello vice mayor; 3 councilmembers sworn in


City Council unanimously selected Rich Vitiello as the city’s new vice mayor Tuesday. He will serve in the role for a year. Vitiello replaces Vincent Manfredi, who will return to a role as councilmember.

“I’d like to thank former Vice Mayor Vince Manfredi for nominating me for vice mayor, and thank the council for unanimously voting for me,” Vitiello said. “I am looking forward to being Mayor (Nancy) Smith’s right-hand man.”

In addition to choosing a new vice mayor, three councilmembers who won re-election in the August primary election were sworn in for new terms.

Manfredi, Vitiello and Henry Wade all begin new four-year terms. It is the third term for both Manfredi and Wade, and Vitiello’s second. They each received at least 50% plus one vote to claim the three seats over challenger Adam Leach.

“I’d like to say thanks to the citizens of Maricopa for taking a chance on me for another four years,” Wade said. “I will work hard, as I have in the past. I will be constantly reminded that you are my boss, and that at any given time you can come to me as my boss and tell me what I need to do if I’m not doing something right.”

Wade also acknowledged his wife’s role in his victory.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that Gayle is not here tonight,” he said. “She would certainly be proud that we are moving into another four years because she worked for it, too.”

Manfredi also expressed gratitude for his re-election.

“It feels great to have the people of Maricopa select me to serve another four years,” Manfredi said. “I’ll do everything I can to make sure we advance our priorities – most importantly, transportation and economic development. Thank you to everyone in Maricopa, because if they voted for me or not, I’m here to represent them.”

Vitiello was thankful for his re-election, which put him in position to be named vice mayor.

“I’d like to thank my family, who had to put up with another year of elections,” Vitiello said. “Thank you to my council members, the current ones and the former ones. Thank you to the city of Maricopa. We work hard for you, and I will continue to work hard for you. Public safety – fire and police – thank you for your support, and I will continue to support the men and women of public safety that make this the third-safest city in Arizona out of 91 cities and towns. Thank you, Maricopa. I love this city and I love working for you.”

Editor’s note: Vincent Manfredi is co-owner of InMaricopa.