Exceptional Community Hospital
Works by local artists will be featured on the walls of the new Exceptional Community Hospital, which is expected to open in mid-December.

When Exceptional Community Hospital officials began to develop a plan to build in Maricopa, they pledged to purchase and display local art in the new facility.

Next week, hospital management will make good on that commitment.

On Oct. 12 from 5 to 7 p.m. the Maricopa Friends of the Arts will exhibit works by some 20 local artists at the Maricopa Community Center, 41614 Smith-Enke Road. An hour before the public show, ECH representatives will view and select works to purchase and display in the hospital, which is nearing completion. The community will also be able to purchase artwork, according to AnnaMarie Knorr, the hospital’s community outreach coordinator.

“This is a unique opportunity for the community to enjoy local art,” Knorr said. “Exceptional Community Hospital is excited to support our local artists and meet the community, and excited for our grand opening.”

The hospital’s aesthetic theme is “Desert Blooms and Arizona Landscapes,” and local artists have been informed so they can create appropriate works to help decorate the hospital, Knorr said. The hospital is looking to purchase 7-9 works to install in the entrance and the emergency room.

“It’s a great way to honor artists in the city and bring a community feel to the hospital and support the community, which is really important to Exceptional Community Hospital,” she said.

The hospital is set to open in mid-December at its campus at 19060 N. John Wayne Pkwy., on the south side of the overpass.

The Friends of the Arts stepped in to help ECH connect with the community of local artists, a difficult proposition since the hospital has yet to open, according to Nancy Smith, the city’s vice mayor and mentor of the Friends organization. The group offered to plan the event.

Among the artists who will display are Susan Cameron, Kristal C. Coles, Bonnie Del Turco, Robin Holland, Maria F. Hyde, Jack Jackson, Cindy Marlar Koontz, May McCarthy (Tallwing), Randy Robb and Pam Robb, Richard Sovis, Skylar Trast and Kaui Wilson.

Exceptional Community Hospital
The entrance of the Exceptional Community Hospital is seen in an animation of the new facility set to open soon. Local artists’ work will decorate the walls of the entrance and the emergency room. Source: Exceptional Community Hospital via YouTube


“The Friends of the Arts Committee was thrilled to hear from Exceptional,” Cameron said. “The fact that they wanted local artists to show on their walls and connect to the town as our new hospital was a nice honor. This is an exciting event and an opportunity for local artists to be part of our growth here in Maricopa. I am very much looking forward to it.”

Smith said ECH is showing other new businesses how to get behind the local arts scene.

“We’re hoping that Exceptional Community Hospital is an example that can be used for additional businesses coming in,” she said. “It’s an exceptional way for them to support the fabulous artists that we have in town. We have so many wonderful artists.”

ECH’s support of the arts is just one component of its investment in the community, Smith added.

“They are showing in so many ways that they want to be a community partner by being one of the sponsors for the Salsa Festival and I’m sure that’s not going to be where they stop,” she said. “Those types of businesses that want to do that for the community are just magnificent. When you really want to be a community partner, it just works well for all – for the residents, for the businesses, for the artists. In so many ways, it’s really a great model and they’ve been showing the great passion that they have for the community.”

The art event is also a way for Exceptional to get the word out about the new hospital as the opening nears. Knorr said representatives will be available to answer questions from the public about the facility and talk about the upcoming opening.

In addition, Knorr said interest from the community about jobs at the hospital spurred the company to include a job fair for prospective candidates to drop off a resume, discuss their skills and qualifications and get more information about working at the facility.