Bases for solar lighting are being poured in the same neighborhood where road construction and county complex construction are ongoing.


Solar streetlights are being installed in two old Maricopa neighborhoods considered to be under-lighted.

The lights are for an area west of John Wayne Parkway on Hathaway Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Taft Avenue, Condrey Avenue, Justin Drive, Madison Avenue, Roosevelt Avenue and Wilson Avenue north of the railroad tracks, and Dallas Smith Lane, Ed Green Lane and Fred Cole Lane south of the tracks.

The lights, which are SolarOne models, are being mounted on 27-foot-8-inch poles.

City Revitalization and Transit Coordinator Judy Ramos told the Heritage District Advisory Committee last week half the poles will be installed this week and the other half next week.

At the same time, Wilson Avenue is active with construction, from roadwork on the north end to the construction of a county complex next to the Justice Court.


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