Final look: Festive holiday lights are going, going . . .

Take one last look at some of Maricopa's finest holiday lights displays before we go full steam ahead on a new year. [Bryan Mordt]

We’ve turned the page on a new year.

It’s time to look ahead and focus on a promising 2023.

But before we do, let’s take one final look back at the beauty of the holiday season.

InMaricopa’s Bryan Mordt, with the help of his wife Jenece, photographed one of the winning holiday light displays in the 17th Annual Holiday Homes & Businesses on Parade.

The gallery beautifully showcases the festive display. This year’s display holds extra special meaning as it marks the very first Christmas for Catherine Wofford, Bryan and Jenece’s granddaughter.

From the twinkling lights to the colorful scenes, these holiday masterpieces brought joy to the community.