Isaac Guerrero (PCSO)

A Maricopa man was arrested by Maricopa Police Department Friday after allegedly spray-painting the car wash at Circle K. Police believe the culprit graffitied several other businesses in the vicinity.

The main suspect told police he was too intoxicated to remember.

A security camera at the 21212 N. John Wayne Parkway convenience store had footage of two people entering the car wash just before midnight Thursday night. The two individuals used spray paint to create graffiti on the walls of the car wash.

Officers identified one as Isaac Guerrero, 20, who had an outstanding warrant.

Friday morning, two officers found Guerrero at his residence on West Alamendras Street in Acacia Crossings, west of the Circle K, and arrested him on a warrant.

Officers noted similar graffiti on the walls of Dignity Health, True Grit Tavern, EarthWise Pet Supply and Dickey’s BBQ as well as Acacia Crossings subdivision walls. Damage is estimated between $2,000 and $10,000.

According to the report, Guerrero told police he had no memory of the night because he was intoxicated but said one of the graffiti pictures was his. He said he did not know the person with him.

Guerrero was booked a Pinal County Adult Detention on the warrant and suspicion of criminal damage.