Green Select renewable-energy program now available from ED3

Electrical District No. 3 rolls out renewable-energy program to customers. [InMaricopa]

Electrical District No. 3 has rolled out a new program for residential and small-business customers to support renewable energy.

Customers may now enroll in the optional Green Select, which allows renewable-energy attributes to be associated with the account holder’s energy use. Green Select works as a rate rider that adds a half-cent per kilowatt-hour to their current monthly price plan.

The program is part of ED3’s Commitment to Community, which include various customer rebates, educational programs and community-support initiatives.

“This offers a simple and affordable way for customers to use energy with environmental attributes without making a long-term commitment and helps customers meet their individual goals for renewable energy,” said Cassandra Friend, energy-services representative at ED3.

The program associates the monthly energy use from enrolled customers with clean energy from ED3’s growing renewable portfolio.

“This program offers customers an option for those not interested in or able to install solar on their home or business they rent or own but want to know energy associated to their account is renewable. It also provides customers an additional option even if they already have rooftop solar to meet their individual goals.”

Enrollment is limited based on the availability of Renewable Energy Certificates that are part of ED3’s resource portfolio. Customers may enroll and/or opt out at any time.

If a customer uses 1,500 kWh in a month the additional added would be $7.50 for renewable energy associated with that account.

Interested customers may contact ED3 customer service at 520-424-9021 or by e-mail at