Julia Gusse Maricopa Council
Maricopa Councilwoman Julia Gusse. Photo by Merenzi Young / Eye of Odin Studios

By Elliott Sneezy

Following research, input, and interviews conducted by members of City of Maricopa Police Association, COMPA is proud to announce our endorsement of Julia Romero Gusse and Amber Liermann for Councilmember of the City of Maricopa.

Mrs. Gusse understands the purposes of public safety associations and their value in change for the better within the city.

She believes that strong leadership and the ability to listen to concerns is paramount for the City of Maricopa and the Police Department to succeed now and into the future.

Mrs. Gusse promotes a productive work force within the police department, which helps employees of the department maintain its status as one of the top 10 safest cities in Arizona. She is always concerned about morale in the organization, and is willing to work with members of COMPA.

These are some of the reasons Mrs. Gusse is clearly one of the best candidates for the job.

Amber Liermann candidate
Amber Liermann is a candidate for Maricopa City Council. Photo by Merenzi Young / Eye of Odin Studios

Ms. Liermann has experience working with law enforcement as a civilian and understands the challenges our men and women face internally and externally.

Ms. Liermann displays excellent leadership traits. Her ability to listen to concerns affecting community members is critical in problem solving. We believe Ms. Liermann will mimic the same leadership trait when dealing with people internally to create a better work environment for everyone.

Ms. Liermann has expressed her concerns about moral in the organization and is willing to work with, members of COMPA.

Ms. Liermann is clearly an excellent endorsement and a great candidate for the job.

Elliot Sneezy is president of the City of Maricopa Police Association.