Heritage Academy hopes to add elementary with Grades K-5  

Heritage Academy is considering bringing a K-5 school to Maricopa. [file photo]

Heritage Academy is considering bringing a new elementary school to Maricopa, a school official said.  

But in order to do that, the academy needs strong local interest. Jared Taylor, CEO of Heritage Academy, is collecting signatures from prospective families with elementary-age children in hopes of gaining momentum.   

Taylor said that education is not “one size fits all.”  

“We want to give families a choice,” Taylor said. “That’s the essence of what we’re bringing to the community.” 

The proposed school would include Grades K-5. 

Since 2019, Heritage Academy has been an integral part of the Maricopa education community. It is a tuition-free, public charter school known for award-winning academics, small class sizes and a 4-day school week.  

With more than 50 highly qualified teachers and a student population of more than 900, Heritage Academy’s growth mirrors that of the city. Over the years, parents have expressed interest in adding another elementary school, Taylor said.  

Jared Taylor

Cammi Bates, a Maricopa mom, is among those who supports the idea.  

“The community is growing,” Bates said. “We know the interest is there.”  

Taylor added, “Let’s do our homework, gather economic data and see what those numbers will do.”  

As more and more families show interest, the academy will gain momentum toward the next steps, Taylor said.  

Heritage officials plan to circle back in a couple of months to discuss construction dates and look at possible locations in the city.  

If signatures are gathered quickly enough, construction could begin as soon as this summer, according to Bates.  

The proposed new school would give parents another option when considering their children’s education. Heritage Academy Elementary would feed into Grades 6-12, allowing for a seamless transition.  

“It offers continuity,” Taylor said. “It would help families with paperwork and transfer students cleanly.” 

Heritage would aim for about three classes per grade and uphold the academy’s mission statement of respect, character development and love for the country.  

“The earlier they are introduced to core values and standards, the easier it is going to be to grow,” Bates said.  

Click here for a Heritage Academy Elementary interest form to receive further information and updates. Follow the academy’s Facebook page and engage in community discussion. 


  1. I think that’s a great idea. Parents should have choices. If the public schools are not doing their jobs then let’s get someone in here who can do the right thing for them. Amen!!!!!