Kelly Anderson Elected Maricopa’s Mayor


Maricopa native Kelly Anderson was elected mayor of the first elected city council Tuesday, June 1, 2004, during the Maricopa city council’s biweekly meeting at Maricopa High School. The meeting was well attended in anticipation of important changes on the council.

Interim mayor Edward Farrell turned over his duties as mayor to Councilman Anderson stating, “It’s been an honor serving as your first mayor of Maricopa.” Councilman Farrell nominated Councilman Anderson to serve as mayor due in large part to the overwhelming support Anderson received during the election. Councilman Anderson was the only one of 13 candidates to be elected with a majority vote in March’s primary election.

Mayor Anderson, a 1975 graduate of Maricopa High School, opened his mayoral term with the words “Stay unified, work ahead; in 30 days the umbilical cord will be cut off from the county.” Mayor Anderson indicated that he looks forward to the challenges to come and plans on setting and achieving both short and long-term goals. Brent Murphree was elected by his fellow council members to serve as vice mayor by a vote of four to three over Stephen Baker.

In advance of the selection of the mayor and vice mayor, all newly elected council members were sworn in by the Honorable Judge Scott Sulley. Terms for council member were literally drawn out of a hat due to the necessity to establish staggering terms. Members of Maricopa’s new city council, along with their respective terms, are:

• Kelly Anderson (4 years)
• Stephen Baker (4 years)
• Will Dunn (4 years)
• Edward Farrell (2 years)
• Kelly Haddad (2 years)
• Brent Murphree (2 years)
• Phyllis Von Fleckinger (4 years)

Rick Buss, Assistant City Manager/City Clerk, recognized former council members JW Salazar and Bobbie Jean Arp for their outstanding service to the council and the community. Councilman Dunn accepted Bobbie Jean’s plaque on her behalf in her absence and Councilman Salazar was presented with a plaque recognizing his achievement. Interim mayor Edward Farrell described Councilman Salazar as “a bulldog who wants to look out for the city.” He also stated that “JW added a lot … that goes above and beyond what words will say.” Both Mr. Salazar’s and Ms. Arp’s support and dedication to their town of Maricopa was noted and appreciated.