Nancy Smith City Council
Councilmember Nancy Smith
Ron Smith

By Ron Smith

As an aging-in-place advocate, I would like to endorse both Nancy Smith and Bob Marsh for Maricopa’s City Council. I’ve worked with both of them over the past year and have been impressed with their commitment to senior needs and issues.

Vice Mayor Nancy Smith (no relation) has a proven record of championing senior events and support, such as the senior citizen Lunch and Learn program and her work with the Age-Friendly Advisory Committee. Bob is on the Board of Directors of the Maricopa Senior Coalition, Inc., a non-profit that is focused on bringing senior services and resources to Maricopa. Bob’s persistence has been instrumental in working with our city manager and city staff to find a permanent solution to our need for a senior center.

Vice Mayor Nancy Smith brings the passion and enthusiasm needed to help shape a young city like Maricopa. She loves her work and her city. She pays attention to what is needed and does her homework and she is quick to respond when there is a need. In the midst of the pandemic, she was fielding a lot of requests from constituents needing services and supplies.

In the stretch of about a week and a half she put together a nonprofit alliance, CopaCares2020, to serve the community with food and supplies that people were unable to obtain on their own. She brings all her project planning skills from her professional career and her get-it-done attitude to focus on community needs that will help us be a dynamic and senior friendly city. She knows that the city must have a great economic development program to expand both services and create a sustainable tax base to stay within budget and find ways to lower tax rates.

Bob Marsh brings an engineer’s perspective to everything that he does. I have engineers in my family and I have always admired their ability to ask the right questions. Asking the right questions makes Bob a great problem solver. Every good team needs this kind of insight to be productive and effective. He is retired and available to give as much time as is necessary to bulldog a problem and bring senior insight to the City Council.

Being on a fixed income he knows the importance of keeping taxes and spending under control. His experience on Maricopa’s Planning and Zoning Commission, the Desert Cedars HOA Board, the senior center and work with the Maricopa Flood Control District has demonstrated the immense contributions that he has already made to our community.

His engineering and IT experience will be invaluable as we tackle major infrastructure projects, such as, transportation, expanded health services, flood control and prevention, water management, solar energy and internet bandwidth. He is superbly skilled to help the city navigate all of these services needed to support our economic development needs and the quality of life within Maricopa.

Maricopa seniors need to vote for both Vice Mayor Smith and Bob Marsh on Aug. 4.

Ron Smith is a Maricopa resident, a member of the Age-Friendly Maricopa Advisory Board and an aging-in-place advocate.