Man accused of not paying at gym; it was a futile exercise


A man was arrested at a Maricopa gym Monday afternoon after he walked past the front desk and began to work out in the weight room despite not having a membership, Maricopa police said. 

According to police: 

Brian D. Simmons, 38, faces charges of criminal trespass and theft of services. Simmons was booked into Pinal County Sheriff’s Office jail. 

At about 7:40 p.m., police were dispatched to the Copper Sky Gym complex regarding a complaint about Simmons, who officers say previously had trespassed on the property on March 19. 

Upon officers’ arrival, a staffer advised them that Simmons had walked past the front desk without paying and was seen participating in a gym class for paid gym members. 

Officers contacted Simmons in the weight room, when he was arrested. Simmons told officers that he believed that a six-month suspension imposed on him earlier in the year had been lifted, and that he was allowed back. Simmons did not give officers an explanation for his entering the facility without paying, when he knew payment was required. Simmons told officers that the staff did not ask him to pay, so he just walked in.