Man arrested on multiple charges after violating Order of Protection


Shawn Bell, 39, was arrested on March 11 and charged with violating an Order of Protection four times over the span of three days.

Earlier this month, a protected victim filed an order of protection against Bell, which remains valid.  

On March 9, Bell violated the terms of the OOP, contacting the victim via text message and phone call.  

In a text, Bell stated that he doesn’t want to go to court and pled not to tell the police, according to the probable-cause statement. 

Bell repeatedly texted the victim through March 10 and March 11, then entered the protected residence near North Grantham Road.  

Maricopa Police say they found Bell sitting in the garage at about 3:30 p.m. on March 11.  

Bell was aware of his legal restraints but didn’t care since he “had nowhere else to go,” police said. He confirmed he sent the text messages.   

Bell was booked into Pinal County jail on first degree trespassing, aggravated harassment, domestic violence and interfering with judicial proceeding. 

A court date is set for March 21 with the Pinal County Superior Court.