UPDATE: Student in custody after bringing a BB gun to school

Maricopa Wells Middle School
Maricopa Wells Middle School [File photo]

On Wednesday, around 2 p.m. a student brought a weapon on campus at Maricopa Wells Middle School.

According to police reports, the school’s student resource officer found out about the possible threat, located the student in question and searched his backpack and found a BB gun that the student said he brought to school to sell to another student.

Maricopa Police Chief James Hughes released the following statement:

[The] Maricopa Police Department received a report of a student with a weapon at Wells Middle School.  The school was placed in lockdown.  The School Resource Officer quickly located the student and recovered the weapon without incident.  The student was placed in custody and parents have been notified.  The duration of the lockdown was less than 15 minutes.  No one was injured.