Currently in good standing in the Internal Revenue Service files are these organizations, minus religious institutions and PTOs. (Note: Some organizations are inactive but maintain their nonprofit status. This list is not intended as an endorsement.)

Action Alliance Network Inc.
EIN: 20-3475933    Web: none
Funds public safety, disaster preparedness and relief.

Aid 4 Greys
EIN: 20-2574239            Web: none
Rescues and resources greyhounds.

American Legion
EIN: 27-2110284     Web:
Creates programs for military veterans.

American Legion Auxiliary
EIN: 27-3655841     Web:
Creates programs for spouses and families of military veterans.

Arizona Foundation for Social Justice Children and Youth Service
EIN: 80-0491866     Web:
Provides family services.

Arizona Greyhound Association Inc.
EIN: 86-6053033     Web: none
Raises awareness of greyhounds and greyhound rescues.

Arizona Poodle Rescue
EIN: 87-0799983     Web:
Rescues and re-homes standard poodles.

Az Knights Inc.
EIN: 39-1722440     Web:
Provides fundamentals in youth sports.

Baby Fox Foundation
EIN: 82-2796191     Web:
Provides in-home preschool daycare.

Be Empowered to Be Inc.
EIN: 36-4699294     Web:
Provides educational services to women and girls 12 and older.

Blue Star Mothers of America Inc.
EIN: 36-4774227     Web:
Provides auxiliary support of military personnel.

Boy Scout Troop 993
EIN: 20-8803738     Web:
Creates achievement environment for Scouts 11-18.

Chains of Brotherhood S.C.
EIN: 81-4194470     Web:
Raises awareness of charitable events.

Copa Grande Rattlers Soccer Club
EIN: 46-4602217     Web:
Teaches soccer skills to youth players.

Copa Shorts Film Fest Inc.
EIN: 81-0902509     Web:
Presents short films and educational programs.

EIN: 80-0469117     Web:
Creates events and provides training in performing arts.

Dwarf Car Museum Inc.
EIN: 45-3761173     Web:
Provides funding for ongoing museum display.

E5 Life Strategies
EIN: 82-2933527     Web:
Engages in spiritual, supernatural empowerment.

F.O.R. Maricopa Inc.
EIN: 26-0527262     Web:
Provides food and essentials to families in need.

Families United Inc.
EIN: 51-0578429     Web:
Provides assisted living options.

Graysmark Schools Corporation
EIN: 27-0575484     Web:
Provides private education for preschool-kindergarten.

Helping Orphaned Hounds Rescue
EIN: 27-1868373     Web:
Finds homes for dogs and promotes spaying/neutering.

International Association of Safety Environmental Professionals
EIN: 47-1938317     Web:
Helps businesses create safe workplaces.

Keep the Beat Inc.
EIN: 81-3575032     Web:
Offers music training and community service opportunities.

Legacy Traditional School Maricopa
EIN: 27-0637575     Web:
Educates kindergarten through middle school.

Little League Baseball Inc.
EIN: 20-0616188     Web:
Provides youth sports opportunities.

Maricopa Amateur Radio Association
EIN: 46-2297818     Web:
Presents activities and testing in amateur radio operations.

Maricopa Arts Council
EIN: 46-3796208     Web:
Creates opportunities to showcase community arts and entertainment.

Maricopa Community Alliance Against Substance Abuse
EIN: 86-0731529     Web:
Creates positive, empowering activities and learning experiences for youth.

Maricopa Community Theatre
EIN: 27-3193374     Web:
Presents live theater productions and youth performances.

Maricopa Cultural Activity Center Inc. (Friends of the Maricopa Public Library)
EIN: 94-2933340     Web:
Supports and enhances the public library.

Maricopa Economic Development Alliance
EIN: 27-0924554     Web:
Seeks strategies and solutions for economic growth.

Maricopa Education Foundation Inc.
EIN: 260273602      Web:
Provides academic and cultural enrichment for students.

Maricopa Football Boosters
EIN: 81-4514608     Web:
Provides opportunities and resources for Maricopa High School football.

Maricopa Golf Classic Incorporated
EIN: 47-5276824     Web:
Raises money for American Service Animal Society and 100 Club of Arizona.

Maricopa Historical Society
EIN: 27-3047891     Web:
Preserves historical materials and educates through special programs.

Maricopa Lions Club
EIN: 47-3132480     Web:
Provides community service and fundraising.

Maricopa Multi Cultural Consortium
EIN: 81-2253575     Web:
Seeks resources for construction of senior/community center.

Maricopa Pantry
EIN: 81-3081927     Web:
Provides food bank services.

Maricopa Police Foundation Inc.
EIN: 80-0540115     Web:
Provides support and resources for Maricopa Police Department.

Maricopa Sandlot
EIN: 82-1774844     Web:
Provides competition opportunities for girls fastpitch softball.

Maricopa Seniors Inc.
EIN: 90-0502807     Web:
Provides resources for senior safety.

Maricopa United Soccer Club
EIN: 81-3559665     Web:
Provides competition for year-round soccer.

Maricopa Youth Football
EIN: 01-0832741     Web:
Provides recreation and instruction for youth.

Nelson C. Lathan Counseling Center
EIN: 46-1079110     Web:
Provides youth programs for emotional health and education.

North Hidden Valley Fire Department
EIN: 45-2628478     Web: none
Provides fire protection in unincorporated area.

Orphan Foundation
EIN: 20-8201228            Web: none
Provides resources for adopting families.

Parent Information Distribution Center Inc.
EIN: 35-2019678     Web: none
Improves lives of children by assisting families.

Pet Social Worker Tails of Hope
EIN: 26-1974172     Web:
Offers information on lost/found and adoptable pets.

Powerpack Copa Inc.
EIN: 47-5488722     Web:
Provides weekend meals for school children.

Pride & Joy Learning & Development Center Inc.
EIN: 41-2205048     Web: none
Provides reduced-rate daycare services for qualifying families.

Silent Heroes
EIN: 81-4088924     Web:
Hosts golf tournament to benefit first responders.

The Streets Don’t Love You Back
EIN: 47-3208272     Web:
Provides education and resources to prevent youth crime and recidivism.

Support Team for Education and Learning Associations Inc.
EIN: 26-2352793     Web:
Supports higher learning for children in developing countries.

Toastmasters International (Club 00003256)
EIN: 86-0988503     Web:
Develops communication and leadership skills.

Vetit Inc.
EIN: 47-3420223     Web:
Helps veterans transition to civilian life.

Vietnam Aviation Veterans of Arizona
EIN: 86-1003308     Web: none
Hosts a museum of military aviation history.

Viper Club of America – Arizona Region Inc.
EIN: 80-0010718     Web:
Offers automotive activities for Viper owners.